Will You Remember Then?

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Do You Know Her Name?

Days passed by so slowly that Allie diverted her loneliness through focusing on her work.She could not call home because of her fear that her calls were monitored. She made a new social media account and invited Ajie to accept her but he seemed to ignore it. Perhaps because of her new identity where she placed a photo of a superyacht for her profile cover.

Since she was assigned as a personnel manager, she read books about  leadership and management. She tried to cultivate qualities to create positive workplace relationship. While maintaining personal integrity, she addressed and emphatize any problem her staff faced and she valued their suggestions and opinions as her baseline in making decisions. She organized team building activities and conduct personality development trainings with the objective to develop unity and harmony in the workplace.

Because of her sincerity and dedication to the work,  she gained the favor and respect from all her staff. Such quality of a manager- to- staff - relationship would be beneficial to the plans of Allie to make a complete detour of what this company had been heading to these past years. She wanted a complete  change and a breakthrough for this company despite the knowledge that the owner was her enemy....

While maintaining her dedication to the work during office hours, she also created plans and goals for her own personal development on her free times. She determined to not rely on her salary alone.  She must make her own money. Since she was surrounded by shipyards, she studied every equipments and materials that these company needed. From  drilling apparatus to heavy machineries like cranes, from food supplies to gas and lubricants, from mooring ropes, lifting gears to anchor chains...

Having understood all these,  her plans came into actions and actions became productions. She found a new company which ventured into providing quality marine supplies and equipments. She applied as their agent and was accepted after informing them that she worked in a shipping line. Her line of work could be an advantage in the promotion of their new products and services.

One lunchtime,  after heating the food she cooked ahead in the morning, she happily called out Hayri to their dining table. Eversince she moved into their office home,  she volunteered to do the cooking, meal planning and the trips to the grocery store. This was  her only way of returning the favor for having been accomodated in a luxurious environment. She didn't even need to spend except for her personal needs since her food was also free.

"Zheena,  you look happier today. "
Hayri commented as he saw the excitement in her smiles and in the manner she talked today.

"Yes, I am. " Her eyes glowed in happiness.

"Can you share? " Hayri was infected with her excitement as well.

"I got prospects for my online business. "

"Really? What's your business? "

"Secret. It's not for the rich people like you. "

"You're unfair! I have been telling you my secrets but you are hiding many things in return... "

Allie choked upon hearing this. How long could she keep her secret as the spy?  She seemed to be not minding it anymore since Hayri's presence was not threatening at all.

"Hayri,  how's your dad now? " She got a chance to change the topic when he talked about opening up.

Hayri seemed startled by her question but he quickly recomposed himself.

"He's there in jail, hopeless. "

"Is he very sad and angry? " She asked. Few questions a day could one day complete her self - investigations into this matter.

"Surprisingly, no. He was even allowed to go anywhere  inside the amenities if there are no guests around. "

Allie's eyes brightened. "Hayri,  perhaps, this arrest served as a freedom for your dad. Perhaps,  he didn't want to do the business in the first place. As I see it,  he was only forced into doing it. He perhaps have long wanted to get out from the maladies of the business but could not because of threats. That's why he seems to be unaffected. "

Hayri stared at her as he seemed to ponder on her opinion. She was right. His dad even sent him here with the hope that the stigma of his shame and downfall would be removed from him.

"You're right. "

"Then how are you accepting this? "
She said sadly,  trying to tear his shield apart.

"It's difficult,  Zheena. I'm angry,  really angry. All of a sudden, I lost my direction. I lost the only parent and family I have in my home. " Hayri's face turned red as  tears were losing its grip from his eyes at the mention of home.

"Hayri,  just think of the good things this tragedy has brought. Painful events always turn out as blessings in disguise. "

"I want to punish her with my own hands,  Zheena. I want to strip her first of her feminine dignity before giving him a fatal shot her in the heart! "

Allie concealed her rising nervousness by placing food into his plate. She also poured out a fresh fruit juice on his glass.

"Who are you referring to? "She further asked to know how deep were they at this moment into their investigation.

"The woman who sold out all the dark secrets of the company to the authority."

"Do you know her name? " Allie asked still further but her heartbeats were already hammering into her eardrums.

" We only know her name as Allyza. She is said to be one of those who were granted with the company's scholarship program. .  All the company records were burned so we couldn't trace her information anymore. "

"How about the school records? "

"It's not easy to do that. She is protected by the authority. Even her social media accounts were terminated. "

"What's the progress of your investigation? "

Hayri was now drawn out by the listening ear and the interest Allie showed.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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