Will You Remember Then?

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You're Not Allowed

Having learned his lesson, Ajie decided to stay in Cebu and transferred back his study here. Because of prioritizing his dream, he didn't paid much attention to Allie's emotional needs. During those time where she was fearing for her life, he should have been there for her. He should have been her source of comfort and security. He should have been her shield. He should have been her strength when everything else was shaken to the core. But something else was more important to him and he had to pay the price. No matter how he regretted it, he could no longer bring back the time.

Now,  that Allie was gone,  he could no longer allow any other tragedy to break him apart. He could no longer allow an incident that would also separate him from his daughter. He already lost his wife and would he also dare to lose his daughter? He moved back to his apartment but during the night,  he would spend it in Beautiful Haven.

Dr. Jane did not also go back to Japan when Ajie decided to stay. She continued her medicine proper at the same university with Ajie while running Beautiful Haven at the same time. To further protect and maintain the confidentiality of Chloe and Ajie's in - laws,  she either picked Ajie up everyday inside the campus or let him use her other cars. She intentionally left two cars in the university so that Ajie could use a different car everyday in going to her place. His chances of being followed in the university's premises by the men of Louise Dioko were lesser  because Jane had a special parking privilege at the basement of the administrator's building. Her dad donated that building a year ago for the board of directors and administrator's.

Days passed by and Chloe was now taking his first steps by holding on the edge of the playpen. At eight months old, she could already read the alphabet and by eleven months, she could already memorize the different types of music instruments and transportation. She could now giggle loudly at something funny and could already communicate using few words. She showed interest in singing and Ajie could not contain his joy about it. Every night he sang with her and every night he also ended up crying  in the solitude of their bedroom. If only Allie had not run away,  she could have witnessed all these milestones their daughter underwent.

One midnight as he was burning his candle to study, a message notification popped out. It was from a certain Zheena  he had accepted some time ago. The superyacht as her cover profile attracted him.

"Hi,  Adrian! I feel bored. Can we please chat? "

Being also bored and lonely for these past few months, he felt a need to talk to someone other than Dr. Jane.

"Sure. "

"How's baby Chloe? "

Ajie felt alarmed. Could she be one of Louise's men? "How do you know about her? "

"You posted it in your wall! "

Ajie slumped back to his seat and sighed in relief. He then took photos of Chloe in the bed and sent it to her. 
"She's soooo cute, Adrian! Can you send me some videos of her next time? "

"You seem to love children. " Ajie commented.

"Very much. "

Ajie then proudly told her all the developmental milestones of Chloe and how she made him look forward to coming home everyday.

"How's the mom now, Adrian?"

Ajie only sent a crying emoticon.

" How are you now? "

"Missing her badly. "

"Hold on,  Adrian. She must have deep reasons why she ran away. "

Allie cried hard when she read this. She forgot that it was already time for Hayri's meditation. She hurriedly stood up but Hayri was already by the doorway.

"What happened?  Why are you crying? " Hayri said worriedly as he wiped a finger in her eyes.

"Just missing home again. " She lied as she allowed herself to be lead by Hayri into his room.

"Then let's go home together. Zheena, you owe me something. "

Allie looked up to him in a puzzled look. "What? "

"You have not told me anything about yourself except your name and country. "

She smiled inwardly. If only he knew who she was!

" Will tell you some other time. "

After their meditation, Allie hurried to prepare their breakfast and lunch which she would just heat later. Hayri would leave by seven for his business subjects while she would be in her office. He would then go home by lunch and they would go to the university together afterwards.

"Hayri,  can we go to the bookstore after the class? " Allie whispered into his ear as her mind wandered away during one of their boring subjects.

"Anything you wish. "

"Thank you. "

Hayri replied her with just a smile but he unconsciously wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Oblivious to them was the fact that their professor was watching them.

"Miss Kyamko and Mr. Dioko, strictly no PDA during class hours. "

They looked at each other and laughed silently. Public display of affection just sounded so funny!  Allie got more amused as she thought deeper about this.  She was used to Hayri's sweetness but for her, he was just like a younger brother. Not to mention that she was three years older than him. She took care of him,  his clothes, his school uniforms and his personal things. She saw to it that his food appealed to his taste though Hayri never complained even once. She reminded him of his nutritional supplements as well as his water intake. She helped him with his assignments in his business subjects.

She did all these, all just as big sister for him. She  even almost forgot that Hayri was someone to be feared of and someone after of her life.

Allie wrote in a paper and let him read it.

"Tell the professor that I am your big sister from a different mother. "

Hayri replied. "You will be destroying dad's image. "

"Then tell him that I'm your cousin. "
She chuckled silently.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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