Will You Remember Then?

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Wait For Me

Hayri placed her in his lap as he hugged her from behind. She was burning with fever and was shivering in the cold temperature inside her room. She seemed to not care about it or she was just to weak to even pull over a sheet to cover herself.

Hayri's heart sanked. They had been together for already five years and all that he saw in her was her vigor, determination, strength and courage. Little did he knew that behind all those facade, her struggles were far more than he could fathom. His love for her grew deeper as the days go by and to see her like that broke his heart.

"Zheena, we have been together for already five years. It hurts me to realize that until now, you have not trusted me enough to tell me everything about you. "

"I am here to listen, to give you my whole-hearted support."

Allie looked up and smiled weakly. 
"Give me more time, Hayri. Let me fulfill my promise first to your company. "

Hayri sighed. What else could he do than patiently wait? Remembering her fever, he hugged her tightly before lifting her  back into her bed and tucked her up. He then bent down and kissed her forehead.

"I'll get your medicine. "

Allie recalled their conversation with Ajie as she stared at her ceiling. She understood very well that Ajie had all the reason to execute his plan. While she has deep reasons herself, she couldn't explain it to him. She must stop him!  She should find a way.

Grabbing her phone at the bedside table,  she made another social media account. She then sent a message request using a pseudo name.


I'm sorry I  run away because I'm fearing for my own life. The enemy found out about me and I need to die in your eyes so that all of you will live peaceful lives. I'd rather suffer alone than allow you to be troubled by them.

I cannot tell where I am because I am afraid that the day will come that they will force you to confess where I am. It's better to know nothing about me.

I wish that your love for me is great enough to be able to wait until I will come back.

I just want you to know that I learned about all your lies. I went away with a heavy heart knowing that behind your promises, you have lied  at me . I had even seen your sex videos. What humiliated me so much was the fact that you were so inspired to record it. You must have loved her so much because you cared so much about in saving it.

But I also want you to know that I am willing to forgive and forget about it as long as you can wait for my return.

Please hug and kiss our daughter for me. Tell also mama and papa not to worry.

Loving you so much,

Allie "

Allie deactivated her account as soon as she successfully  sent her message. She couldn't wait for his reply. She was too afraid that he himself would tell her straightforwardly about his marriage plan to Jane. Thinking about it again, she buried her face into the pillow and wailed bitterly.

Hayri came back with the anti -pyretics, pitcher of water and cups of tea. Seeing her like that again, angered him and shattered his heart again. There must be a deep reason of her heartache and he was determined to find out why.

He placed the tray in the coffee table beside the window. He then moved the curtains back and the sun immediately shed its golden light across the room. Allie loved to see this morning view so he lifted her up into his arms and placed her on a seat by the table.

"Here, take your medicine and warm your stomach. " He said as he put the tablet in her mouth. He then picked up the pitcher of water,  poured it into a glass and handed it to her.

"Thank you. "

Hayri did not reply but went instead inside her bathroom. He came back in less than a minute with a wet and dry hand towels. He then began  rubbing  the wet towel into her forehead, neck and arms, patting it dry afterwards with the second towel. Seeing her messy hair, he picked up a hair brush in her dresser and fixed it clumsily into a ponytail. Seeing her freshened up a little, he sat beside her and pulled her head into his chest.

"Whatever is it that hurts you, I won't force you to open up now. But I want you to know that I am also hurting because after so many years, you could not bring yourself to confide in me. Nevertheless, I still love you with all my heart. "

Allie was moved into tears once again, not for her pain but for a sense of pity towards Hayri. Just a little more time, her design for the world's biggest and most beautiful superyacht was almost completed. Having supervised the men in their work plus the lessons she had learned,  designing was not that difficult anymore.

"Hayri, after our maiden voyage, I will tell you everything about me. I just hope that in that moment, you will still be able to tell me that you love me. " He did not reply but he lovingly draw her closer to him.

Hayri's speculation that she was his dad's mistress did not worry him anymore. Perhaps, the real reason why his dad gave her a special treatment was because of that. Everyone had their own pasts and their own stories to tell. It was not his nor Allie's fault that it was his dad who met her first. And perhaps, it was his dad who took her virginity. There was a pang of pain inside his heart when he thought about this but love knows no fault. He still loved her despite of who she was.

Ajie saw the message request notification and he hurriedly opened it up. He smiled at first but then he frowned and got lost in his thoughts.

Marilyn Lucero

Edited: 28.10.2019

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