Wolf and pigs

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The new house

Bob Bill and Ben packed there bags and said a sad fairwell to there mum. They were happy to be getting there freedom and knew they would be back to there mum later that day for tea. 

Once they had finished arguing over wich bedroom each was going to have they started to try and work out who had burgled their mums house. It was decided that they would begin their investigation in the pub. The sheep behind the bar was very useful. 

"Yeah a wolf came in earlier try to sell some jewellery. It was obviously knocked off so everyone told him to do one." 

A sly sneeky wolf that's unusual for one to be working alone. That seemed more like fox behaviour. The pigs knew exactly which wolf it was instantly. 

" Herbert. "they chorused. 

Happy with their new information they spent the afternoon in the pub making plans to get revenge. Then went back to check on there mum and get some food. 

Getting back to there mum's house was not a joyous event. The door was wide open and inside the house was like a tornado had swept through. The boys split up and ran around the house looking for there mum. Bob found her upstairs. The bathroom door had been kicked in and she was laying on the floor dead with bite marks and chunks bitten out all over. 

They rang the police and the huge doberman officer Dibble showed up promptly. He went over the scene carefully. 

"Now boys I fully understand how upsetting this must be for you. I repeat leave it to us. I know that you have already been asking questions."

The three boy's lied that they would stop and left upset and angry. Herbert was only going to get a beating now they were going to kill him. 

simon 1982

Edited: 17.10.2019

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