Wolf and pigs

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Number two

Now it was time for Bill's plan. The three pigs had a car but it was a nice one and the thought of crashing it was out of the question. They talked about how they would cause a violent enough car crash without using their own car. The plan was that they would buy a banger and just smash into him head on but jump out at the last minute. So the three pigs checked there banking apps. Bob had a grand total of seventy two pounds and sixty three pence. Bill had a whopping two hundred and forty seven pounds and thirty three pence. Now Ben shocked his brother's when he got his phone out and just showed them without saying anything. 

"TWO POUNDS FIFTY." squealed Bill in disbelief. 

"Well no one chipped in for the food. Plus the move has skint me." whined Ben. 

"Your useless." said Bob with a tone of a disappointment. 

They got out there calculators and worked out that they had three hundred and thirty two pounds forty six pence. 

Bill grabbed the paper and started looking through the clasifid section Bob got online and started looking through Facebook and gumtree sites and Ben started ringing around car lots and scrap yards. 

After a few hours of searching Bill wasn't finding anything in their budget and neather was Bob. Ben on the other hand had a few good leads. He had managed to find one for three hundred and fifty pounds it had two weeks mot left on it and was perfect for there needs. It was out of there budget but after some hard negotiations Bob managed to get it down to three hundred ond twenty five. They went and picked up the that afternoon. It was clear from the moment they got in the car they had been robbed. Smoke was bellowing out of the exhaust I'm thick black streams. There was also a loud knocking coming from the engine that sounded like a terminal illness. The way they saw it was that it was a one use car so none of the problems mattered. They pulled the hoods up on there coats and started to drive around Herbert's turf. It didn't take long to find him he was sat at a red light waiting. Bob was driving down the road towards the junction. The three pigs were going to straight across in front of him. Bob slowed down until the light was on Amber he stamped down on the gas ready to smash into the side of Herbert. They were picking up speed the lights turned red and Herbert was setting off there was a loud bang from the engine and the car pulled to the right smashing into a street light. The three pigs panicked and got out and started to run away Herbert saw them. 

simon 1982

Edited: 17.10.2019

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