Wolf and pigs

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Plan number three

The three pigs burst into there house puffing and panting. Ben lead the conversation. They had all noticed Herbert noticing them after the fiasco with the car. They had also seen him parked around the corner of their house with his ladders on his roof. They got a large cooking pot and put it on the fire then preceded to put vegetables in the bubbling water. 

The sun was starting to set and the pigs sat around the fire. They tried to make things look normal from the outside. They turned the TV on and as it got darker they closed the curtains and switched on lights. Then when it got late they turned off all the lights. All the time making sure that the water was as hot as possible and as full as possible. They sat around the pot ready to push him back incase he tried to escape. The pot of death. As they were now referring to it. Around half an hour after all the lights went out they heard the front door handle being tried then the back. There was some mumbling followed by a clatter of ladders on the gutter. The pigs were looking at each other wondering how he hadn't been arrested while comiting a burglary with all the noise he was making. 

They could then hear him scrambling around on the roof and more colourful language. Slates were getting knocked down and shattering on the floor. 

"The landlord is going to love that." said Bob. 

Then a plop went into the pot of death then a cloud of soot came down with a stream of profanities. He seemed to be taking for ever Bill got up and looked up the chimney and got an eye full of wolf butt. Bill moved back quickly and quietly. Gesturing that the wolf was close. 

With a huge splash the wolf landed in the pot of boiling water. Howling with fear and pain the wolf kept trying to get out of the pot but the pigs just pushed him back in. 

simon 1982

Edited: 17.10.2019

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