Xena Castello

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chapter 1


Xena stared at the white ceiling above her, wondering where she was and shivered as she became aware of the cold surface she was lying on She looked around, tiles... Then it clicked, she was in her bathroom. Sitting up, she winced as the sharp pain in her lower abdomen reminded her of the events that occurred the other night. She closed her eyes and ignored the pain then opened it and looked at her self, she was in her underwear and she was sitting in a pool of blood. Her child. She felt numb as she touched her  stomach, her baby...was gone.  She closed her eyes and tried to pull herself together. 'It doesn't matter, I'm fine I'm fine' she thought to her self and stood up, ignoring the pain. After cleaning up, Xena took pills and went to her room and lied on her bed. Going to the hospital wasn't an option, she was just going move on. " life is fragile, it doesn't matter" she muttered in the darkness, she felt too exhausted to cry or even care, her mind went to him, the father of her now gone child, Demetrius Christakis, she could see his face, his dark brown, almost black hair that was always swept in a style that was the latest trend, and his piercing ash like eyes that always had something to say and the smirk on his face. Oh how she hated that smirk and what it did to her, she shook her head and tried to erase his memory from her head but she couldn't, even if she wanted to. He wasnt escapable. The sound of her phone ringing cut through her thoughts making her relieved, picking up the phone she stared at it, it was a new number. Xena contemplated picking it but then it ended, she shrugged and kept it aside, almost instantly it rang again. She picked it up and answered "Hello?" The familiar melodious voice said through the phone, his dutch accent was as thick as she could remember, there was no denying who it was.Daniël Verbeeck. she was voiceless. "Hello? Xen...are you there?" She slowly let out a breath and closed her eyes, its been years since they spoke, why now she wondered. She struggled to find her voice, eventually she cleared her voice and spoke "hello" her voice came out hoarse, ever since the miscarriage this was the first time she spoke, her throat was dry and her mind wandered about as she heard him suck in air when he heard her voice. Despite all the thoughts that ran through her mind one question stood in the limelight 'what would he think of me now?'













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