Xena Castello

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chapter 3


Dan and Xena sat across each other, for some reason it was less awkward than she'd expected as Dan didn't seem to change at all and for the most part he was the one who kept the conversation going and filled the silence. He talked about how he decided to start his own business and how it wasn't easy as they ate "things are looking pretty good though since the interview i did with the advertising and marketing company went well. Im currently waiting for a call back. Anyways what about you? Hows work?" Xena shrugged "it isn't so bad" "dancing?" "Yes" she said, a part of her wondered if she should tell him what she did exactly  but she changed her mind. he nodded smiling "so, whats your relationship status?" He asked curiously, Xena thought about it, the only guy she interacted with intimately was demetrius and that was only sex and nothing more "still single and having fun" she said with a fake smirk, Dan chuckled "same as always huh" "what about you?" Xena asked he shrugged "single" they were silent for a bit when Xena's phone rang "oh im sorry" she started as she looked at her phone "its my boss" "oh its alright, Pick it up" she gave him an apologetic smile and picked up the call "hey Xena, im sorry to disturb you on your day off but Clarissa is sick today and the other girls are busy, could you come in now?" Madam Ophelia said breathlessly "are you alright?" Xena asked confused "oh don't worry-" "whats with the phone, i thought we were just getting started?" her heart stopped for a second she she heard demetrius voice get closer on the other line, madam Ophelia chuckled "working, give me a second. Hello, are you still on?" She said into her phone "yeah, if im gonna come in but id better be getting double of the usual" she said "sure, sure, I'll double your pay, i just need you to come, its an emergency, the show will start in an hour and thirty minutes "she said and suddenly started to giggle "oh stop doing that, im talking on the phone" her skin crawled as she heard his famous mischievous chuckle, not waiting to hear what he'll say she agreed to come in and cut the call. Dan gave her a raised eyebrow "sorry, something came up at work, I've gotta go" he nodded "its alright, im done anyways" "ah thanks for understanding" she said and got up "here, let me pay" a few minutes later they stood outside the restaurant "well it was nice to see you again, lets meet up soon" she said smiling tiredly to which he noticed "it was nice to see you too, are you sure you should be going to work now?" "oh its alright, its just dancing, i can do it anytime" she said "also here is my address" she said writing her address in a piece of paper, he nodded and took it. a few minutes later she got a taxi and left to the brothel. 

Taking a deep breath Xena walked onto the stage and let the music wash over her. soon enough she was done and walked off the stage with her whip in hand, a little breathless. She walked into her dressing room and went straight into her bathroom.a few minutes later she got out of the shower with only a towel on then got dressed, she had some of her regular clothes in her wardrobe just in case. once she was done she decided to rest a little on her couch, the door of her dressing room opened and in walked Demetrius, her breath cut at her throat and anger slowly filled her heart at the sight of him, at herself and him, he walked up to her with a smile on his  face then sat besides her "hey" he said as he leaned closer to her face she moved away slightly "hi" he raised an eyebrow "what happened?" He asked "what do you mean?" "Something is off with you" he said cocking his head to the side and studied her face closely "what is?" She asked "i can no longer see a smile, are you not happy to see me? And wheres the love in your eyes" he said teasingly as his arms wrapped around her waist, she leaned closer to his face "i never loved you" he chuckled "so you claim" "oh get over yourself" "so, tell me beautiful, what happened...all i see is hatred and anger" Xena ignored her fast heartbeats and concentrated on the anger but said nothing "not gonna talk?" He said brushing his lips against hers, she pulled away "tell you what, im sorta loving it...you never fail to turn me on" he said smirking "you think you'd be too tired by now" she said sarcastically "what do you mean?" "oh you know, madam Ophelia. You'd think she'll wear you out" his eyes widened in surprise for a second "you were the one on the call earlier?" He smiled "oh sweetheart, you know no one ever tires me out, except you" he said leaning in for a kiss but she turned away "jealous?" He asked chuckling "never" she replied, she was silent for a while  "where did you go off to?" She said looking at the floor, "what do you mean" "you told me to come here but never showed up" she said looking at him angrily "oh i see... Is that why you are so mad at me today?" She said nothing, he sighed and pulled her closer to him "sorry sweetheart, something came up at work and i forgot to give you a call, forgive me?" He said apologetically "I don't care, you should've at least left a message. You had me waiting here for hours" she said " oh, im so sorry, let me make it up to you" he said and gently kissed her, she pulled away "im on my period" she said looking away "ah...are you alright?" He asked, she nodded "sorry about that, need a ride home?" He asked, Xena couldn't concentrate as his fingers gently caressed her arm, it was an action he did without paying attention "...no, I'm alright" she said, he nodded and stood up "well then, see you next time. I've got some work to do" he said and walked out of the dressing room, Xena let out a sigh once she was sure he was gone, she closed her eyes "everything is back to normal" she said to herself and leaned back into her couch.

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