Xena Castello

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Chapter 5

Xena occupied her mind with music as she practised her dance moves, it took her a little while to realize her phone was ringing.

 "Hey" She heard Dan on the other line "hey?" She said slightly out of breath, there was a pause on the other end of the line "did i interrupt your practice?" "Yeah, but i was going to take a break anyways. So whats up" she said and walked to her kitchen to grab a bottle of water "oh okay, well i called to tell you that the party would be next week, during the weekend " he said, "ah alright, send me the details" "i was hoping to pick you up instead" he said " well if thats what you want " "great". To Dan the days couldnt have rolled by any slower and to Xena, it felt like the days were going by quicker than normal. Soon enough the day arrived and Dan made his way to her house and knocked, when Xena opened the door he was breathless, he cleared his throat and tried to look unfazed as usual "y..you look good" she gave him a tired smile "thanks, so do you" she said and got out of the house and closed the door, she was wearing a curvy light blue dress that complimented her features and heels to match, her make up was pretty light but perfectly fit the occasion. Dan gave her his hand, while trying to breath slowly to calm his heart. They walked to a black car parked infront of the apartment building "nice ride" she said "thanks, the company gave it to us, one of the perks of being in the company, they also gave us apartments" she nodded "thats nice" "yeah..." They were silent for a while "hey are you alright? You seem alittle tired" Dan said glancing at her for a second and started to drive, she shrugged "im fine, just tired you know" he wanted to ask more but decided against it, instead he said "you know i worry about you right?" "You shouldnt" "well i cant help it, we may have lost contact with each other for a while but i still stand by my words and always will" he said, his eyes fixated on the road ahead, xena smiled alittle "youre sweet" was all she said unaware of the chaos her words caused inside of him and silence filled the car as he drove to the destination. 'You can talk to me, anytime, anywhere about anything. I'll always be here for you no matter what happens' Dan had said to her a few years back, right before he helped get her a job at the dance school and he stood by his words, he always did, he was just that kind of guy. They finally arrived at the destination and made their way into the party, the party was held at the building across the company, this was the first time xena had ever set foot in the building, she usually rejected the invitations sent to her to perform in one of their parties. She had to admit, despite being an insufferable egoistic man Demetrius knew how to throw parties. The attention was drawn to them as they walked by in the building, she was unfazed, used to the looks by now, the curious look in their eyes questioning where theyd seen her face before, afterall it was a rare occasion for anyone to see her face at the brothel as they wore wigs and make up and costumes most of the time. Meanwhile Dan didnt question the looks, it was obvious to him or rather he assumed they all couldnt take their eyes off them because of Xena, she was afterall, a sight to behold in his opinion. It didnt take long for them to blend in and soon enough a bored Xena pulled awag from Dan and his fellow co workers and told him to socialise as he does best and found a seat in a corner of the room to take a break before she leaves . There was a hush that slowly over came the crowd as Demetrius walked in with his signature smile, dressed smartly as always, their eyes instantly met as he scanned the faces of his people and a look of surprised quickly came and left his face as he saw her swirling a glass of wine in boredom. He made a short welcome speech to the crowd and congratulated the new workers then proceeded to blend in the crowd and talk to his people. Xena watched Dan interacting with his co workers, she smiled. He always knew his way around people and how to win them over. "I didnt expect to see you here" demetrius voice said from besides her, she turned to the him "well westhaven is a small town afterall" "it is indeed" he said taking a glass and a bottle whiskey from the table and poured himself a glass "so who did you come with" he said taking a sip of his whiskey as he glanced at the crowd of people infront of them "that is for me to know" he chuckled at her response "still angry at me i see" he said and downed the last of his whiskey then kept it on the table, she said nothing and stared ahead, her mind swirling with emotions as she fought the flash backs of the bloodied floor of her bathroom which she had scrubbed away. "Ill assume you came alone" he said, she said nothing again, they were silent for while, "alright, come with me" Demetrius said his hands wrapped around her wrist then pulled her up with him and lead her out of the party hall without anyone noticing "where are you taking me?" She asked as she tried to yank her hand away "shh" he said and lead her out of the building to the parking lot, hiding in the shadows he lead them to an area in the building where the only camera there belonged to his office and the door lead to a maze like road to His office and stopped. He pushed her against the wall and held her hands over her head, his body pressed into hers, she gasped "what.." He muffled her words by kissing her, his tongue slipped into her mouth grazing hers gently, a low moan could be heard from her throat, his lips pulled up in half a smirk "you missed this didn't you" he said lowly and teasingly as his lips let go of hers and gently rubbed against her lips and jaw, she gasped "we ...should ahhnt...be doing this..ahmmm" she managed to say through her breathy moans "go ahead and stop me". He said and let go of her hand slowly running it down her body with His lips on her neck, sucking on the soft skin "ahmmmm....ahh" she moaned loudly and quickly covered her mouth, he chuckled"i missed you so much" he said into her ear as his fingers played with her dress, gently pulling it up as they spoke, she closed her eyes "yeah right" she breathed out sarcastically, he pulled back slightly and turned to look at her, their faces inches away "look at me sweetheart" he said, she dared not to open her eyes, she knew deep down she couldnt resist him, his beautiful eyes and the stupid smile on his face "come on,sweetheart" he said, his nose nuzzling her face gently, she slowly opened her eyes "good girl" he whispered looking her in the eyes, he had one hand around her waist, the other which raised her dress drew circles on her thighs and one of his legs stood between her thighs "as much as i enjoy having you mad at me, im sorry for calling you to come meet me and not coming or leaving a message" he said seriously, her breath hitched, she hoped with the silence that surrounded them except for their breaths the sounds of her thumping heart wouldnt be heard as loudly as she heard them in her ears "i didnt think you'd take it as seriously as you did and i do feel bad" he said softly, his expression was calm, "so will you forgive me or do i have to work for it?" He said cracking a smile, she was silent. She couldnt trust herself to speak. "Well then, i guess work for it then" he said and leaned in, kissing her gently "as much as id love to go rough as i missed you badly, id make an exception for tonight" he said, smirking against her lips as his hands disappeared underneath her dress and a gasp escaped her lips.

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