Xena Castello

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Chapter 6

The night was silent except for their breathing and the music inside the building which was so faint and could barely be heard. Demetrius pulled xena with him who walked with wobbly legs, he took her to the hidden escape door in the building, where the only camera there was the one he had in his office. He took her out of the building and told her wait there and left. Xena slide down the cold wall and hugged her knees. A few minutes later a car pulled up the driveway and Demetrius came out and jogged to her, he raised an eyebrow but said nothing, tapping her shoulders she looked up with a blank look, he crouched down "did i break my record" he said with a smirk "f**k off" she said quietly, he chuckled, pulled her up and carried her bridal style, he walked to his car and opened the door and dropped her in then walked to the driver's seat and got in. The car ride was silent,when he got her home he turned to look at her but she was already asleep.a ghost of a smile graced his lips as he stared at her peaceful gorgeous face. He reached over and pushed her hair away from her face. He stares at her for a while, watching her breath in and out. She was his plaything and his alone. After waking her up he watched her wobble into her building with a satisfied glint in his eyes And then drove away. The next morning xena slept in, she was sore from the other night. She hadnt even taken a shower before going to bed, she'd just fallen on her bed and fell slept. During the afternoon she woke up and cleaned up then cleaned her room up. She was feeling better, not wanting to remember the events of the other night she switched off her phone and switched on some music, even though her dreams of becoming a dance/choreography teacher kind of fell through that didnt give her an excuse to not practice and create dance moves. The knock on her door got louder and xena finally heard it, turning the music down she walked to the door and opened it slightly out of breath. Behind the door stood Dan with a grin on his face "what's up" she said and walked away leaving the door open, he took that as a way of saying enter and entered locking the door behind him. She walked to the table and opened a bottle of water, then drank it. "i see you havent changed" he said and sat on her couch. "what makes you say that" she said wiping her sweat with a towel and turned on the AC and sat opposite him "not sure how to explain it but it kinda feels like you're going in and out of your self lately." he said xena sighed "so what happened last night" she asked him deciding to change the topic, he noticed but didnt point it out "well you can already guess what everyone was asking me" "oh really? Do tell" "you already know it was you, they kept asking if i was your brother, or your boyfriend, if you were single. This one dude kept talking about how you resemble a popular chick called QueenX" xena looked away "interesting" "yeah, but anyways enough about that lets go grab lunch, something tells me you didnt eat breakfast" he said "and what is it?" "your untouched kitchen" Xena smiled and stood up "I'll go get ready" "its chilly out there, it might rain so wear something warm and you dont mind getting wet" he said and closed his eyes leaning back into the couch. A few minutes later Xena came into the room with her hair up in a ponytail, she hand long sleeve and turtle neck black shirt that hugged her curves, over it she wore a sleeveless blue jean jacket. And blue jeans with back converse. "lets go" she said, Dan nodded and got up following her out. The street seemed silent as people were at work and children at school. "did you skip work?" she asked "no, the boss said to take the day off, we're gonna start next monday so this week we focus on getting to know our colleagues and whatnot, something about working well with people you connect to and understand" he said "interesting" she said and they continued to talk about their past until they reached a restaurant, after getting a seat, they ordered food and talked for a while then Dan excused himself for a while and went to the bathroom. The restaurants door opened and a laughter could be heard from the girl who entered "oh Demetrius, youre such a charmer" she said xena froze, there are not many Demetrius's in this town as a matter of fact there was only one. "oh darling i try" she heard him say, they walked passed her and sat across her, she finally saw the girl, she was a typical superficial blond chick, long red nails, blood red lips, thick fake lashes. She looked like a doll wrapped in designer. It didnt take long for Demetrius to notice her and give her his usual smirk that made her want to punch him yet make out with him. Luckily Dan came back and sat infront of her blocking the glances Demetrius threw at her. After they were done "its on me" Dan said and left to pay, Demetrius stared at her with a weird look in his eyes and he didn't have his usual smirk on his face anymore as they walked off. Later that night xena went to work, some nights instead of going on stage she spent it teaching the girls dance moves and she was payed for doing that. After taking a short shower she got out in her towel and saw Demetrius seated and leaning in the couch without his jacket on, his white shirt was unbuttoned and in his hand he stared at one of her prop objects, a feather handled short whip. He looked up at her as she got into the room "interesting object" he said and beat his hand, the skin turned red, she stared at him with raised brows "yeah, today was about dancing with props" she said as she stood at the bathroom door "so did you wait in here for a long time?" She asked, he said nothing and instead drolled the whip on the floor, she sighed 'i guess he doesnt feel like talking' she thought to herself and started to walk passed him but he grabbed her and pulled her to him. A small gasp left her lips and he flipped them and she lay beneath him, she gazed at his eyes. They were cold and intense "what is wr-" she started but he kissed her cutting her off. A few seconds later he started pulling away, she whimpered a little and tried to bring his head down to hers but he didn't bulge, he stared into her eyes. Expressionless yet intense. She was feeling hot and bothered already. He slowly kissed her neck as she watched him gasping in pleasure.demetrius Kissed patterns on her skin, from the nape of her neck to her shoulders. "You still missed me despite what happened last night?" She asked in between gasps. He glanced at her and slowly traced her shoulder with his lips to her neck and then to her earlobe, she moaned as the heat between her legs increased, the look on his face wasn't helping either he leaned away, she whimpered again .he hovered over her His fingers trailing her naked skin, she stared at him with a flushed face, what was going on with him? She wondered,"what is wrong" she asked as he slowly pulled her towel aside and kissed her belly his soft lips grazing her skin sent shivers down her spin "who was that guy you were with today" he asked "what's it to y-" he cut her of as his fingers slide up her thighs, her thoughts getting clouded, he was being slow and it was torturing her "tell me Xena"he said in a demanding tone as he licked her skin slowly, she was squirming in pleasure "a friend" she gasped out "hmm" his humm sent vibration in her, causing hot waves of pleasure to consume her "just a friend?" He asked slowly, she nodded not trusting her voice "well?" He repeated demanding an answer "yea..ahmm"she tried to reply but he softly nibbled on her skin "dont forget, you're mine" "for the love of-" he cut her off again with a twist of his fingers, she gasped out as his tongue drew patterns on her skin" the heat in her built up faster,but he slowly slowed down and pulled away completely and sat up, she covered her flushed face with one hand, breathing hard, her body squirming and begging for his touch "finish what you started" she said angrily "no" he replied and stood up buttoning his shirt up and wiping his lips and walked to the door with her eyes burning holes into him and stopped "im sure you can sort yourself out"he said giving her a side glance and with those words he walked out, xena groaned in annoyance and threw a pillow onto the floor in frustration.

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