Xena Castello

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Chapter 7

After that night, Xena didnt see Demetrius for the next few days, she wondered whether he was still angry, she knew it mustve shocked him to see her with a friend and a guy for that matter, afterall she was more of loner and was hardly seen by the public or anywhere public. Once she was done with her  show she went to her dressing room, madam ophelia walked in after her "Demetrius is waiting for your 1 hour service in vip room 3" she said and walked out to the next room. In normal cases they are not informed of their client by the name but with the fact that he only chooses her services it became a normal thing in her case. When she entered the room demetrius was lying on his back on the bed with his eyes closed, his jacket neatly kept on a hanger on the side of the room, she walked over to him "so, what would you like tonight?" She asked "nothing really, im just bored" she sighed, she wasnt surpised that he said that, some days he was like that. She climbed the bed and lied besides him "so i see youre no longer angry" she said staring at the ceiling "i was never angry" "couldve fooled me" she said turning to him, he opened his eyes and turned to her with a smile on his face "i will admit seeing you with my worker didnot make me so pleased but i wouldnt go as far as to say angry" "ah so you already knew who he was" "well i know he is but not who he is to you" he said "youre an interesting man Dem" she said "yeah?" "Yeah" she said and paused "you realize i will eventually be in a relationship and drop this job one day" she said, he turned his body to hers and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer "yeah i know, but i dont feel like letting you go anytime soon" he muttered, xena ignored her fast heartbeats "so what will you do about him? Fire him? Make his like hell?" She asked sarcastically, while desperately hoping to change the topic, it was things like that which he had said that made her develop little feelings for him which she hated. he chuckled "none " "none?" He looked into her eyes, a smile still playing on his lips "of course, I don't hire workers I see potential in and fire them for petty reasons, and making his life hell would just hinder his work performance which won't good for my business, dont you think?" She studied his face for a while and closed her eyes, breathing out slowly "I guess" they were silent for a few seconds then he spoke up "If anything i feel bad for him" she opened her eyes "Why?" He smirked "Because he can't have you even if he wants to" xena chuckled "he doesn't want me" this time it was his turn to chuckle "Oh Xena..." was all he said and pulled her closer, their bodies pressed against each other in a hug "who wouldnt" he whispered into her ears and shivers ran down her spine. The next few minutes they lay in a hug and enjoyed the silence and soon enough his time was up and Xena walked out of the room leaving a sleeping Demetrius on the bed.

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