Xena Castello

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Chapter 8

Ever since Dan arrived, Xena found herself going out more than usual, some days they went out to a cafe, sometimes it was just to grab lunch and on her free nights they went to underground clubs and parties, they spend most of their time reliving memories, catching up on life and what they missed from each other's life while they were away from each other. As they walked through a mall, on one of their various hang outs Dan looked at Xena "what's on your mind" she asked he opened his mouth to speak but then closed it and shook his head " Oh nothing" she looked at him "what is it?" He thought about it for a moment "well I was gonna ask where you work" Xena looked away "oh, just some club like place where i teach some girls how to dance " she said telling him half of the truth, he nodded. A couple of days later Dan called her up "So I heard of this underground club. What do you think? Underground is your scene Afterall" Xena looked at her schedule, she had work that night "what time?" She said into her phone "midnight?" Xena thought about it, she couldn't skip work and knew if she went to work and Demetrius comes there was no way she would make it. "I'll see if I can make it " "Alright, I've got to go now" "Alright bye" Xena cut the call and lied on her bed, exhaustion filled her, all she wanted to do was just curl up and never move an inch but she knew that was impossible. The silence was almost unbearable, grabbing her phone she put on a random song from her phone and made it loud, hoping it would silence the dark thoughts that started to creep into her mind, the image of her bloody bathroom came to her mind, her heart ached and she shook her head and got up and started to prepare for work. Luckily for her Demetrius didn't come that night, she left the brothel right after her show and went home to get changed for the club. "Where are you?" She called Dan when he picked up "on my way" he said. soon enough he arrived at her door in his car, she got in. They walked to the metal door, the music behind the door was pretty faint, the bouncers face lit up when he saw her "Xen...it's been a long time since yer showed yer pretty face around 'ere" he said in a thick accent, Dan wondered where he was from but said nothing, Xena smiled "oh ive been busy, glad to see you're still around here Carl" "Likewise, c'mon in. Eddy'll be pleased yer came round" he said and opened the door, nodding at Dan as they walked in. "Is there any place you don't know" Xena chuckled at his words "probably one of the new places. You could say I ran around when i first arrived" she said, they stuck close to each other and passed by the crowds of people and made their way to the bar "hey Eddy" she said as they sat down, a middle aged man with dark brown hair and light brown eyes smiled in surprise "I'm glad to see you still remember me" he said "Oh please, I could never forget you" Xena said smiling "You're such a sweet talker" he said and they both laughed. "What would you like?" He asked, Xena and Dan looked at each other "tequila" they said and smiled at each other for saying the exact same thing at the same time, "well alrighty then, drinks on the house" "aren't you just the best" she said leaning on the counter, he laughed and shook his head then went to make the drinks infront of them. Dan turned to her after a couple minutes of silence "you seem tired, have you been lacking sleep lately?" He asked and nodded thanks to eddy who brought the drinks and kept it in front of them, Xena placed her hand on her face "does it show?" He smiled "to an untrained eyes no but I can see it" she smiled back but said nothing " So what's wrong" "nothings wrong, anyways enough about me, let's drink" Dan sighed and decided not to push it, she'll eventually tell him, he said to himself. A couple drinks later, Xena asked Dan how work was "pretty good, I'm surprised at how quickly I got use to the company, it is such a welcoming place..I honestly don't know how the CEO pulled it off" he said and started to ramble about work, Xena listened, nodding once in a while "so there's this thing the company does every year, at a certain point the company allows every worker to pitch an idea that will improve the work or the business of the company. Apparently if your idea actually brings profit to the company, you will get a promotion and half of the profit goes to your monthly salary..how cool is that?" He said excitedly, "I'm assuming you're joining" she said he nodded "I've got a few ideas" he said with a grin she nodded. They were silent for a while listening to the loud music and taking shots of tequila "by the way, do you talk with your aunt?" Dan suddenly asked, her face was blank "haven't spoken to her since I left" his eyebrows rose in surprise "Anyways what about you, how're your parent?" She asked changing the subject before he could respond, he shrugged, taking a shot "they're fine, my mom asks about you alot, and she says the kids miss you" Xena said nothing but smiled as she recalled the dance school and the memories she made teaching the girls at the school. They were silent again, a few minutes later Xena got up "let's dance" she said downing her last shot of tequila and grabbing Dan's arm, pulling him to the dance floor with her. 

They danced, without a care for the world, like the use to and for Alittle while Xena forgot her problems and lived in the moment .




I know this chapter is a bit short and I haven't uploaded in a while and I apologize if anyone is even a little bit interested in this story and where it is headed for such delays, I assure you I have the story line all written out, I just need to write the story in detail and in the tone it should be and in order for that to happen I need to be in the "Xena mindset" which to be honest I haven't been feeling alot lately. But don't worry the story does get better or at least I think it does. 

I also re read this book today and I noticed alot of grammatical errors and don't worry, once I'm done with uploading all the chapter I will go through each and every one and edit it but for now please bear with me. Thanks!

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