Xena Castello

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Chapter 9

A couple of weeks passed by, Xena and Dan's frequent hang outs slowed down as they catched up with almost everything, and each, mostly Dan got busy with work. They managed to meet a couple of times a week and talked with each other on the phone like they use to on occasion, everything resumed back to how it use to be with them. Demetrius had gotten busy as well, it was the time of the year when business was booming and the business man in him grabbed all the benefits as usual. Meanwhile Xena spent her days avoiding thinking about her miscarriage, her only way to cope was to practice and practice every chance she got and spent her nights wondering if she should inform Demetrius about what had happened, it was his baby as well after all. She was unsure of how he would react, after all he was an unpredictable man, so she decided she wouldn't tell him eventually, in order to start getting some sleep. The show was successful as usual, Xena walked to her dressing room, madam Ophelia followed "great job tonight. The girls youre training and you should take a break tomorrow because so i need this place empty by then, some foreign exclusive dj is throwing a private party for a family member tomorrow and you know, more money is always welcome " she said with a smirk, Xena chuckled and shook her head "noted, anything else?" "Ah yes, Demetrius is waiting in the VIP room" she said and winked then walked out. Xena stretched and got into the shower, taking a quick bath then got out and wore a robe, not bothering to put on some underwear. She walked to the VIP room and knocked then opened the door and entered. His finger tips slowly trailed down her neck to her bare back, she was lying down on the bed, her hair fell around the bed, his fingers sent shivers all over her as he touched her skin, she closed her eyes and relaxed into the pillow, she was completely laying on the bed while he sat besides her with a calm look on his face as one hand typed on his laptop and the other on her, the room was silent with just their breathing, Xena closed her eyes and slowly drifted away into sleep, some days were like that, Demetrius would come and they'd just lay naked and enjoy each others warmth, and some days he just wanted to have her by his side and do nothing intimate,this was one of those days where he'd call on her and just enjoy her company in silence.

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