Xena Castello

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Chapter 10

The music controlled her body, her hips and arms moved sharply to the beats, Xena let herself lose control on the stage, dancing was her way of letting off steam afterall. Once the music died down she got back to reality and the cheers of the crowd beneath her came to her attention "take off the mask!" They chanted, she chuckled and raised her hand to her mask, her eyes scanning the room watching the anticipated look on their faces but her hands instantly froze and she met eyes with a very familiar pair of green eyes, Dan. She turned her back to the crowd and took off the mask, then threw it to the crowd from behind, they cheered. She didn't turn to them, she just walked off the stage. Once she entered her dressing room, she let out a sigh and wondered what in the world Dan was doing at the brothel, she leaned back on the wall and slowly slide down. It was obvious he would eventually stumble into the brothel, what was she expecting, she thought to herself. Everyone knew the angels of the haven, it was the most popular brothel, surely his friends would invite him there After All they work at Demetrius company and everyone knows it is his favourite hang out spot . Xena thoughts were cut short when she heard someone trying to open the door, she quickly stood up and walked backwards, the door opened and Demetrius walked in, he was wearing his suit but he wasn't wearing a tie, he gave her a confused look "you look like you got caught doing something you shouldn't be doing" she sighed and rolled her eyes "you just startled me" she said dismissively, he said nothing and closed the door behind him " what are you doing here" she said walking to her bathroom door,Demetrius walked to the couch and lied down "I just missed seeing your pretty little face" he said closing his eyes "sure" she said and started to take off her clothes "I'm heading home right after my shower so don't count on looking for long" after she said those words she got into the bathroom, not waiting for his response and turned on the shower. Once she was done, she got out and to her surprise Demetrius was still on the couch with his eyes closed, she said nothing to him and went to her dresser, taking a regular jeans and a fitted armless shirt, once she was done getting dressed she noticed Demetrius staring at her "What?" She asked walking towards him, he sat up and gave her a lazy smile "looking at you while I can" she rolled her eyes and scoffed "What, you did say you were going right after you get changed" he said reaching out to her hand and pulling her to him, she fell onto his lap, her head on his shoulder "yes,now let go off me" she said "Doesn't seem like you want me to" she closed her eyes And relaxed in his arms "I'm tired" he nodded And wrapped his arms around her "would you like a ride home?" He asked, she was silent for a while, he glanced at her and she was already asleep. He stood up, picking her up as well and made his way out of the brothel to his car and drove her home. The next day, Xena woke up on her bed and in the clothes she wore after her show, she looked around and Demetrius was no where to be seen. Sighing, she picked her picked her phone up and to her surprise she had some miscalls from Dan. Taking a deep breath she pressed call, he instantly picked up "hey, I just saw your miscalls" she said "yea about that ...I was kind off drunk last night so ignore the voice messages I left?" He said with a short nervous laugh, she chuckled "typical,where are you now?" "I'm at work" he said "slacking off I see" "You're the one that called me" "And you picked up, seems to me someone was looking for an excuse to stop working" she said he laughed "i can neither confirm no deny the statement" she chuckled "anyways are you free tonight?" He asked "Yeah, what's up" "just figured we could hang out" "sure why not" she said. Later that night Dan came by and they went for a walk "it is amazing how this town is so gloomy and dead during the day and so alive and beautiful during the night" Dan said, the moon was out and the stars sparkled in the night, the city lights were bright and colourful and people walked passed them with cheery looks. Xena nodded and said nothing, after a couple of minutes Dan turned to her "guess what" he said " what?" She asked "you're supposed to guess" "okay, lets see.....you were forced to go to a brothel and found a dancer that, how do I put this....is on my level ?" She said and turned to him with a raised eyebrow, his eyes widened in surprise for a second then realization downed on him and his face slowly went to a shade of red "I told you to ignore the voice messages" he said embarrassed as he slightly covered his face with his hand, Xena chuckled "i couldn't resist" he sighed and kept his hand down "i was drunk let's move on, she probably wasn't as good as you so don't worry" he said, Xena crossed her arms and nodded not planning to go further with the conversation, it was a good chance for her to admit to it and tell him she was the one but she didn't, she couldn't bring herself to tell him and she didn't know why. They silently continued to walk, Dan glanced at Xena, she was deep in her thoughts. He stared, she was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, he was unsure how long they're friendship would last, he wanted to make a move but he also didn't want to ruin what they have. "Lets go to a bar" she said looking at him as she interrupted his thoughts "Yeah sure" He said and they took a shortcut to the closest bar.

 "Why are you still single?" Xena suddenly asked, Dan was taken aback for a second " what?" She shrugged and downed a shot "I'm curious, ever since I met you, you've always been single" she said, he shrugged and tried to act as casual as possible "I guess I never found the one" he said "I know it isn't east, but haven't you ever tried dating just for the fun of it?" "Have you?" He asked back she shrugged "back in high school I did" she said "I havent" "come to think of it... are you a virgin?" She asked, his face flushed red "What kind of question is that" her eyes widened " don't tell me...." his face went a deeper shade of red "of course I'm not, you can't just ask questions like that out of the blue" he said looking away as he downed more shots, Xena,who was already drunk started to laugh hard "You're adorable" Dan rolled his eyes still slightly embarrassed " What about a serious girlfriend, ever had one of those?" She asked after the laughter died down "i had one before we met and one after you left town" her eyebrows rose in surprise "how long did it last? The one, after we met?" He shrugged and waved a hand to the bar tender to bring more shots "probably almost a year?" "What happened, why did it end ?"she asked a little concerned Dan stared at her silent for a while, he could have easily said 'because of you, because I'm in love with you and it wasn't fair on her so I broke up with her' but instead he shrugged "we weren't in love" he said, she nodded and patted his arm "don't worry, you will find the one and even if you don't, you still have me" she said with a smile, Dan was mesmerized as he stared at her and slowly nodded 'And that's all that matters' he thought to himself "what about you? Ever had one of those?" He asked "a serious boyfriend? Never" he raised an eyebrow "Why?" She shrugged "I don't know, it just never happened" he nodded and said nothing. They go the continued to drink in silence, both of them deep in their thoughts.

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