Xena Castello

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Chapter 11

It was one of those days again, Demetrius wasn't in the mood for anything sexual and neither was Xena. Xena had no idea why he always came to see her in her dressing room , she knew the sex part and understood it but she could never get behind the reason why he'd sometimes come to her dressing room and lay on her lap with a poker face on, she could see frustration in his eyes and sometimes exhaustion. Yet she never said a word, it wasn't her place, he was her client after all. She would sometimes just Stare at his face until he looked at her and they'd stare into each others eyes and not say a word, sometimes she would kiss him and sometimes he would kiss her and they'll never go beyond that while other times they just sat there and stare in comfortable silence wondering what the other was thinking.

 Demetrius sighed and turned his head on her lap, facing her stomach and closed his eyes, she silently played with his hair. "What's wrong?" She finally got the courage and asked " its nothing worth mentioning" he said and looked up at her "well if you want to talk you can go ahead anytime" she said and looked away, he held back a smile and raised his hands caressing her arms "what is this I hear, does the queen X actually care about me" "you wish"she said scoffing, he chuckled softly "oh every day" he replied with a hint of sarcasm in his tone, he was silent for a while then he spoke up "don't worry about me, I always find a way to solve my problems. All I need from you now is your company and touch" he said and relaxed his muscles, his hands left her arms and snaked around her waist, holding her close to him, Xena said nothing tried to ignore her fast heart beats and the emotions surging through her. They said nothing and enjoyed the comfortable silence and the feeling of each other.

Xena stumbled out of the brothel drunk, after Demetrius left she walked into the bar in the brothel and drank to forget, it wasn't  something she'd normally do but the night was slightly different, her emotions were all over the place and she needed to feel numb so she drank. As she walked on the streets of westhaven, she heard a familiar sound of music that instantly took her back to her childhood days when she would follow her dad to the streets and watch him dance and sometimes dance with him. A strong sense of nostalgia hit her and she blinked away her tears that wanted to build up in her eyes. As she walked the music got louder and closer, she nodded her head to the beat and slowly swaying her body left and right as she walked, closing her eyes, she could see her father's figure dancing his signature moves and she replicated it, suddenly she heard an applause and stopped then opened her eyes, she was surprised to see a a crowd had formed around her and a guy. The guy stood a few feets ahead of her with a boombox still playing the song. "Sick moves" he said smiling at her with his arms crossed, she smiled back. He gave her his hand and requested for a dance and she accepted and soon enough a couple of people joined and they danced the night away.

The next day Xena woke up at the door step of her apartment with no recollection of what had occurred.

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