Xena Castello

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Chapter 12

The days went by smoothly and Xena managed her time with Dan and Demetrius at work, making sure neither clashed with the other, all these while carefully distracting herself from thinking about her miscarriage. On one of the weekends she got a knock on the door,and when she opened the door, it was Dan.

"Well hello internet sensation" he said as he walked in, she raised an eyebrow "what?" She  said as she closed the door and followed him to her living room "You still haven't seen your viral  dance video?" He said surprised "What are you talking about?" She asked confused, he removes his phone and after scrolling a bit he showed her, it was a video of her dancing her father's signature moves in the middle of a crowd infront of a guy who was also dancing, his back turned to the camera while she was directly in front of the camera. Xena was surprised "when did that happen?" She asked confused, Dan shrugged "I don't know, you tell me. Besides you're quite a hot topic now" she sighed "whatever, I was probably drunk... it will blow over anyways, people will find something else to gush about " she said, Dan have her a thoughtful look "instead of waiting for it to blow over, perhaps you should make use of this opportunity and do something about it" Xena chuckled "okay businessman, thanks but no thanks. It is just too much of a bother to be honest" Dan sighed "Well it's up to you" he said shrugging and perked up almost a second later "oh right, give me a second" he said and walked out if the apartment. A few minutes later Dan came back in smiling at her with his hand behind his back "what's with you this evening" she said  he walked towards her with his hand still behind his back  "happy birthday" he said and handed her a box of chocolate with a golden wrap around it and a flower in the middle "oh...thanks! I honestly forgot" she said surprised and took the gift with a smile "bounty, just my favorite " she pulled him into a hug then pulled back and walked into the living room "I figured you would forget which is why I decided we would go to a bar and have a little party...right now" "that's really nice but I really don't want to go out today" "cmon Xena..please...for me?" He said pouting slightly. She sigheg a couple of minutes later "okay, wait here then" he gave her his signature boyish grin which made her chuckled and shake her head.

 The club was pretty cozy and they got a booth which Dam reserved for them earlier that day as he said. The booth was decorated with birthday decorations and balloons and a cake was on the table with champagne, the booth was quite large and it also had a karaoke machine  "who ever owns this club is really wealthy" she said, Dan nodded "it is actually owned by my boss" he said and walked out, Xena cringed a little and hoped with all her heart that they wouldn't meet but fate wasn't always on her side, the door opened and Dan walked in with Demetrius "-just closed some deals with the Russian investors, they were impressed with your ideas" he said as he walked in,Dan smiled and thanked him for letting him  pitch the idea and carrying it out as planned "oh its alright, I'm always open to new ideas, as long as they are as great as yours" "well thank you either way and oh this is Xena, I believe you met at the opening party?" He said as he set the try of drinks and food in front of her, Xena forced her eyes to meet Demetrius and stood up "yes we did" she said keeping a calm face as she gave him a hand, he smirked and shook her hand " it was quite a fond memory" he said as his thumb secretly caressed her hand, she pulled her hand away almost instantly, Dan didn't notice the entire interaction as he was busy pouring the drinks in the cup "it's your birthday ?" He said raising an eyebrow with interest in his eyes, she nodded and sat down "happy birthday" he said, she mumbled a thanks but didn't look at him, Demetrius smiled to himself "would you like to join us for a couple of hours, that is if you're not busy?" Dan asked as he handed him a glass of beer "oh I wouldn't mind" he said, Dan looked at Xena "are you okay with that?" She shook her head giving him a smile " great, I'll get more beers" he said with a grin and walked out, leaving them both in the booth. "So we are just going to pretend we don't know each other?" He said with an amused smile, she looked away and said nothing. He chuckled "as you wish" it didn't take long for Dan to come back in with the drinks.

Xena sat across Dan and Demetrius, her mind wandering away as the music filled the room along with the murmurs between Dan and Demetrius about business, she raised the glass of beer in her hand took a sip then stopped, panicking for a sec about drinking while being pregnant but almost instantly she relaxed as she remembered she wasnt and her mood suddenly turned sour which Dan noticed, he said a few words to Demetrius who looked at her then nodded to him, Dan got up and walked out "what's up with your mood" " nothing" she said gulping down the beer, Demetrius was about to say something when  the door opened and Dan got in with a cake surrounded by alot of shot glasses, Xena sighed "really? Its been years" "so? Cmon its your birthday" he said and kept it on the table infront of her then sat besides Demetrius "side note, she's a motivated drunk" "meaning?" "She talks about dreams and whatnot" "oh... and what are you?" "A quiet drunk" Dan said shrugging, Demetrius nodded, Xena waited for no one and was gulping down the shots like no tomorrow. "Watch this" Dan said to Demetrius and turned to Xena "how's it going?" Xena's face lit up and a smile that rarely showed its self since her parent left came over her face, Dan smiled liking that the expression never changed while Demtrius turned away a little breathless, that was the first time he'd ever seen such a smile that lit up on her face like that. "It's going amazing! I have enough money to open a dancing school but I'm saving it, you know, so that I can get more and maybe get some teachers, and once I'm done with that I also need more so I can go find him" she said looking away with a dreamy look in her eyes "who?" Demtrius asked " my Dad" she said "she has a weird Dad complex" Dan muttered "No I don't" she said taking another shot and added  "but he was the best and im going to find him..or atleast he will" "where is he?" "Her parent divorced so they went separate ways. Don't ask her " Dan whispered to Demetrius who nodded. Xena got up "let's dance" she yelled throwing her hands in the air and grabbed the remote to put on a new song. 

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