Xena Castello

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Chapter 13

Xena woke up the next morning with a terrible hangover but it almost instantly disappeared when she saw a mail on her phone from life and art entertainment company which was quite popularly known for owning multiple dance and music schools and also having grand competitions and making dreams come true, it was the dream of any aspiring artist. As Xena read the mail from the PR manager ms. Summer Harrison she couldn't believe her eyes, her life long goals were within her reach, granted she wanted to be known world wide and open a dance school of her own, then be able to locate her father, because she knew deep down that if he could find her he would and being known world wide was the way for him to easily locate her in her mind and Life and art entertainment company was just the first step. From the mail she found out that the company saw her viral video and wanted to meet her for an interview for a job offer, it was a huge opportunity and xena was excited for the first time in a long while, she quickly responded and a few hours later after communicating with the PR manager she found herself waiting at a restaurant to meet with Ms. Summer Harrison.

The conversation started off quite well, Ms. Summer spoke about the company and what it had to offer Xena, then asked questions about xena who in turn answered honestly, all was going well as xena spone about her goals and Ms summer was quite understanding when she mentioned dropping out of highschool but then ms summer asked "So what are you currently doing to support yourself financially?" "Well I currently work at the Angels of the haven" she said and instantly Ms summer's face went cold, her eye brows rose in surprise " you mean...that brothel?" She said not hiding the disgust from her tone "...yes" Xena said raising an eyebrow alittle unsure as to whether she said the wrong thing " it was nice to meet you but im sorry, we don't work with prostitutes" she said getting up abruptly with her purse in hand and started to walk away in the most unprofessional manner xena had ever seen, Xena was baffled and unable to react as she stared at Ms summer walk away, she couldn't understand what went wrong, everything as going so well and she wasnt a prostitute, sure she stripped and danced on the pole and occasionally had sex and got paid but she only slept with one man, mainly because he didn't let anyone else buy her time but that was besides the point, Xena looked at the glass of water infront of her and her reflection stared back at her, was she really a prostitute? Almost instantly her phone rang and she picked it up "I can't talk for long but I need you to come in today and take over alissa's shift, she somehow managed to get pregnant and now we have to get rid of it, thanks sweety, bye"  madam Ophelia cut the call not waiting for a response. That was all Xena needed to hear for the realization to down on her. She was a prostitute after all.


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