Xena Castello

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Chapter 14

Xena walked into her dressing room and got into the shower, once she was done she got out and put on a robe, madam Ophelia knocked and opened the door "quite an interesting show tonight" Xena nodded, she did let off some steam on the show and she was starting to feel better but every time she remembered what Ms summer said she felt angry and disappointed "Demetrius is waiting in the VIP room" and after saying those words she left. Xena walked to the VIP room and opened the door and entered. Demetrius sat on the bed with his shirt unbuttoned and his eyes focused on his laptop as he typed away. She stared at him and remembered the words of Ms summer "we don't work with prostitutes". Ofcourse she was a prostitute, this was her livelihood she thought to herself and walked towards Demetrius and pushed his laptop aside, he was startled. "What-" Xena cut Demetrius off by straddling him, grabbing his face and roughly pressing her lips against his. He pulled back and held her back by the waist "missed me that much?"he said chuckling, she ignored him "had a bad day?" He asked softly as she kissed his neck. She paused and nodded "if you wanted me to make you forget, all you had to say was "do your magic demetrius" he said smiling, she didn't say anything, her head rested on shoulders, his smile flattered a little and he wrapped his arms around her, falling flat back on the bed pulling her along with him, she shrugged his arms off her and kissed him roughly again, it didn't take a minute before he pulled away "im not feeling it" he said pushing her off him and onto the bed besides him"what's with you today?you feel like just another girl in this brothel " she glanced at him dead in the eyes and without a smile said "isn't that what I am though?" "Seriously Xena what is wrong?" He said pulled her closer by the waist "it nothing" he pulled her face up by the chin and studied her face with a blank look on his face "you lost your spark. It isn't nothing. Tell me Xena" he demanded, she sighed and closed her eyes "it's really just stupid. Besides whats with you, i thought we were strictly business" "nothing is stupid when it comes to you and by now you should know we aren't just strictly business " Xena hated the way her heart pounded faster in her chest as those words left his mouth "talk to me" he said caressing her arms "stop" she said pulling away from him and taking a deep breath "its nothing really big" she said "I just lost a great job opportunity, thats all" Demetrius sat up surprised "what happened? Summer Was really excited to find you?" "What?" Xena said as she sat up in surprise "Ive worked with their company and she was in town, we talked for a bit and she talked about the video of you and I gave her your email" Xena wasn't sure how to feel about the whole situation, she couldn't understand why "why are you looking at me like that?" Demetrius asked sitting up, she opened her mouth but nothing came out, a couple of seconds later she mumbled "nothing" "then what was the reason you didn't get the job?" She lied down and closed her eyes "apparently because I work in a brothel"she said, a small bitter smirk appeared on her lips, she turned to him a grabbed his hand "now that you know, let's get back to it, shall we?" And with those words she pulled him to her. Demetrius said nothing and obliged, knowing better than to talk emotions with her and for that Xena was grateful.

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