Xena Castello

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Chapter 15

That same night, demetrius drove her home "thanks" she said quietly and walked out of the car and towards her apartment , Demetrius followed suit and she stopped and looked at him "what are you doing?" She asked "what does it look like?" He said as he walked up to her "coming in ?" "Exactly" he said and put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her towards her apartment, she sighed. As Demetrius laid in bed besides Xena in her bedroom with his arms around her and their bodies flushed against each other, she wondered if she was the only one he'd ever do this with or if she was one of many who he will just lay in bed without having sex for days on end on some occasions. "Dem..."she started as she turned to him but he looked like he was already asleep with a peaceful look on his face, taking a deep breath she turned away and closed her eyes, there was no point in waking him "yes?" He said his fingers caressing her waist "nothing" she muttered closing her eyes to sleep but she couldn't, his hands on her skin distracted her and almost immediately she felt a strong urge to cry, it was all too much for her to handle "are you okay?" She heard Dem say with an almost undetectable concern tone in his voice, she nodded not trusting her voice to speak "are sure because you seem to be shaking" he said running his palm from her waist to her belly "I'm f-fine" she said and cursed her voice for cracking a little, he turned her body around to face him, their foreheads almost touched and their breaths mingled, she cleared her throat "I'm trying to sleep" she said quietly "are you thinking about what happened today?" He asked ignoring what she said "no" "liar" she sighed "its nothing, now drop it" he stared at her while she stared away "besides this isn't how we talk normally is it?" She said pressing her forehead on his, a lazy smile pulled up on his lips "you think you can easily change the topic huh?" He said pulled her body into his and kissing her face , she closed her eyes "I try" "and it didn't work" he said and pulled away "what exactly did she say?" "What is it to you" "everything" "why?" "Because you're mine and I care about what's mine" he said without missing a beat, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest and ignored it "I'm not" she replied softly and closed her eyes willing herself to fall asleep but she couldn't, Demetrius smiled and said nothing, they both knew she was, even if it wasn't official. His feathery kisses woke her up, she leaned closer to his body, enjoying it's warmth but she didn't open her eyes "how are you feeling?" He whispered into her ear "I've been better" she muttered and sighed softly, he said nothing and instead his fingers traced her skin gently "we can't stay in bed all day...Well you can't but I can since i work at night" she muttered the last part to herself but he heard, his fingers stopped moving " what did she say to you?" He asked, there was an edge to his voice, she opened her eyes and looked up at him "they dont work with prostitutes, is that what you want to hear?" "I-" he started but she turned away "I don't want to hear it, she is right anyways" she said and sat up then chuckled "You should've seen the look on her face" she shook her head "summer hates brothels and people who work there because of her history with it" Xena looked at him "what are you saying" "she's got nothing against you, that is what I'm saying" "You seem to know an awful lot about her" she said crossing her arms "we went to the same school..don't worry I will talk to her " "no" Xena said, he raised an eyebrow "Why?" "Nothing, just don't get involved" Demetrius opened his mouth to say something but the sound of his phone ringing cut their conversation, he glanced at her for a second then picked up the call, it was an emergency meeting. A few minutes later Xena watched from her window as Demetrius drove off to work. She sighed and closed her eyes leaning against her window

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