Yagan jae and the dreaming girl

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The Dreamer's fight

Yagan jae travels to islands of the Grey Dragons to ask Yūhi(4) where he can find the Dreamer? (4Setting sun)

   “He is travelling in the north with my son Yoguri(5).” (5Night mist)


   “Wait? What’s the rush?”

   “Sorry, there is a little girl in the village on the mainland I am unable to awaken.”

   “Oh my goodness, no wonder you’re in a hurry. Go and try by the beach.”

Yagan jae performs a slight bow then runs outside to take off. It is late afternoon when he spots a Grey Dragon climbing over some rocks, he quickly comes into land on the pebble beach and calls, “Yogiri!”

   “Yagan jae, what’s the matter?”

The Black Dragon takes his time to explain to which his friend replies, “He’s in the forest collecting mushrooms.”

They both run over to the line of trees to find the Dreamer is busy talking to something only he can see and offers a little white flower towards the fallen tree trunk, which disappears.

   “Forest Sprits?” Yoguri asks, looking around.

   “Yes, the forest is full of them. I almost sent one flying as he was fast asleep on a mushroom, weren’t you little one?”

   “Lèguān(6), I’m in need of your help?” (6Hopefulness)

This makes the Dreamer turn around and ask, “Not another Demon?”

   “No... Well I hope not,” replies Yagan jae, rubbing the back of his neck.


The Black Dragon tells him everything about the girl and the methods he used to try and awaken her.

Lèguān takes a turn around the trunk and mutters, “How strange... Wait, you’re hoping I will be able to bring her out of it?”

Yagan jae drops to his keens and replies, “Please try.”

The Dreamer nods and replies, “I will see what I can do.”

   “Thank you.”

   “Oh don’t thank me yet, Yagan jae,” says the Dreamer, as he pats him on the arm and walks off out of the forest.

The Dragons quickly follow him and Yogiri is about to pick Lèguān up when he shakes his head and continues down the beach.

Yagan jae is about to go after him when the Grey Dragon puts up his hand in front of his chest and shakes his head.

   “Let me,” he says in a soft voice.

The Black Dragon gives him a nod and watches Yogiri walk quickly after the Dreamer.

   “Lèguān, stop,” says the Grey Dragon, gently taking hold of his friend’s shoulder which holts him mid stride, then Yogiri gets down on his knees, turning the Dreamer around to face him and continues, “Come on, you know you can talk to me.”

Lèguān sighs and replies, “I know. It’s just that I’m not looking forward to this. I know what has a hold on the child and I know it is very, very dangerous, it cannot only kill its victim, but me as well, because it can entrap my soul on the other side... All I can hope for is a guardian comes to rescue me.”

   “Guardian?” Yagan jae asks, crouching down next to them.

   “Mhm... They come in many forms from, beautiful women, handsome men, to beasts, that can resemble a buffalo or can look like a huge cat standing on its hind legs. Also animals from foxes to cats and other creatures. Then there is the ancients, blacked hooded cloaked creatures with blueish purple orbs for eyes, they are skeleton like creatures with a thin layer of skin over their bones. They may sound a bit creepy? But I can tell you now, they are extremely powerful and they are the best weapon against Demons.”

   “Ah now I understand. You see the Dreamers that I knew called them, Protectors of the other realm.”

Lèguān emits a soft laugh and says, “It does not exactly roll off the tongue? That is why my family call them guardians.”

   “I agree that is much better. I do not mean to doubt you, but are you sure we are dealing with a Demon?” Yagan jae asks, watching Yogiri look right at him and shakes his head.

The Dreamer’s eyes narrow, he frowns and replies, “Do not dare question me, for I have dealt with their kind before. We call them Fear Demon, because they live off a person’s fear and anxiety. They have learned to hide themselves from our crystals; they fool you into thinking the person is just asleep, whilst it feeds. The reason they are so dangerous is because they can tap into what frightens the person the most, losing their family, being lost, dying. Once they find it, they keep them there until the end. I am not exaggerating, they can literally frighten a person to death.”

   “Forgive me I did not mean to make it sound like I was questioning you. What can we do to get rid of it?”

Lèguān takes a deep breath and replies, “It is not going to be easy because we are also going to have to make sure the parents show no fear as it will latch on to them. If that happens I may not have enough strength to help them.”

Yogiri places his left hand to his chest and says, “I will try to get them to think of happy thoughts as I know it will help not just you, but their child as well.”

   “Thanks old friend. All right, let’s get this over with.”

Both Dragons nod and once Yagiri has picked up his friend they take off.


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