Yè fēng and the cursed forest

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Retuning the child

It is late afternoon when the villagers see the god returning, to land just outside the Northern forest, and they grow concerned when he kneels down. They are about to rush to his aide when a child appears by his right side.

Kibō puts out his hands towards the trees, narrows his eyes and says, “I am feeling anger and perhaps remorse.”

   “Remorse? Why would a Forest God be feeling that?”

The Dreamer’s head bows his expression turns to one of anger and he says in a soft voice, “I think we will find a mortal has taken something from this forest... Something sacred. Of course they will have no idea what they have done.”

The Dragon turns around to see the same group of people are on their way over to them, so he goes on to ask them, if they have taken something from the forest they should not have.

They all just give him blank stares and his friend says in his own language, “See I told you. They have no idea what you’re on about.”

Yè fēng nods in agreement and says, “Please, try and think, have you seen anything unusual. Something you have not seen before?”

The group of people all take a moment to think and a man replies, “Yes, before my daughter went missing, she showed me a stunning yellow flower, of which neither of us have seen before.”

   “Show us,” demands the other god.

  “Sorry, I should introduce you all to my dear friend, Kibō, he is a Dreamer. He is the best person for solving this matter.”

   “Ooh,” giggles Kibō and continues, “well let’s see first, as I may not be able to do anything.”

A woman places her hands together and says, “Please, you must help us.”

They all notice the Dragon is shaking his head and the other god snaps, “Must?! Now let’s get one thing straight, I am not obligated to clean up your mess, if you have taken something belonging to a Forest God then you will suffer the consequences... I do not know what you expect a pair of partly sighted gods to do?”

Yè fēng gently pats his friend’s shoulder and says, “Minta gila su.”

Kibō takes a deep breath to calm himself and says, “Let’s see this flower.”

The man nods and leads the gods over to his home where he shows them what his daughter brought back one morning.

The Dreamer smiles and says, “It’s just an orchid.”

The Dragon notices his friend is also frowning, prompting him to ask, “What’s wrong? Is it poisonous or something?”

   “No, no nothing that deadly. I am just surprised you have not seen it before, as it grows all around here because it loves dark, damp forests.”

The people are relieved to hear it is just as it appears a harmless flower. 

The man performs a shallow bow and is very careful of his chooses of words, “So finding out what was taken will calm the Forest God and release our love ones?”

The Dreamer seems to pull a face, his eyes narrow and his mouth goes up on one side as he replies, “Well, it might help me to understand better why the Forest God is angry and preventing people from leaving the forest, but not stopping you from entering... Well unless you’re a god.”

   “What, it stopped you?”

   “It did Cho, when I had gone around ten feet, I came to a barrier where I saw a Forest Spirit. After it had thrown something at me to get my attention because it was in a tree to my left.”

   “I see. How interesting.”

Kibō slaps his hands together and says, “Searching each house is just going to take too long. I have an idea.”

Yè fēng pats him on the shoulder and asks, “Thought so. What do you have in mind?”

The Dreamer just winks his right eye and heads out of the house.

The man looks up at the tall Grey Dragon and asks, “What’s he going to do?”

   “You’ll see,” replies Yè fēng and heads outside to find his friend is busy rummaging inside his cloth bag and muttering.

  “What’s wrong? Did you forget something?”

   “No... I’m sure I packed it,” replies Kibō, as he starts to feel inside the pockets of his robe to pull out the left one a smokey grey stone that reflects blue to gold in the light.

Yè fēng watches his friend place it upon the palm of his left hand and says, “That’s pretty.”

   “It sure is. And it is the best thing for detecting spirits and things from the other realm. Hun sala, minta kusa inla.”

The Dragon quickly gets the group of people to stand still and watches his friend tilt his head to one side making him ask, “Found something?”

Kibō shakes his head, he continues walking down the path and repeats the same incantation, which sends out a pulse only he can see. When it hits the end house it reflects back and the inner ring has turned to a pale shade of blue.

   “Ha, found it,” he says, pointing his hand out in font of him.

Yè fēng looks and says, “That’s Mo Chou’s house.”

The late middle aged lady walks over to them and asks, “What is it?”

The Dreamer looks to her and says in his own language, “Once again she has no idea.”

Yè fēng gives him a tap on the arm and says in the same language, “Naughty scanning people without their permission.”


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