You Again

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“I’m serious, Brenna. This is amazing. Some adults can’t write nearly as well as you can. All you had were a few spelling errors.” 

    “Thanks, Uncle Damian,” she smiled, taking the book back as he handed it to her. “Do you think I should do it?”

     “I think you’d be an idiot not to. And you and I both know that’s something you’re not. You have a gift. Only a fool would turn you down.”

     “So how would I go about publishing it?”

     “Well, first you’re going to want to find a publisher. A good one.” Reaching into his desk drawer, he pulled out a few sheets of paper. “I did a little research for you. Some places you might want to look into.”

     The girl smiled, taking the papers into her hands and skimming over some of the names. “What if I never hear back?”

     “Then you go to the next company. It’s rare to hear back the first time. Weigh the pros and cons. Find which one you like the best. Find an agent that will work with you.”

     Once again she smiled, nodding as she took in everything he was saying and committing it to memory. 

     “What?” she quipped when she noticed the smirk on his face. 

     “So you and Wren seem closer than usual.”

     “Uncle Damian…”

     “I did not see that coming.” 

     “Neither did I,” the teen admitted. “I thought I would hate him. We aren’t exactly cut from the same cloth.”

     “Maybe that’s why you work,” he mused. “You know, your aunt despised me when we first met. I can still remember the first words she said to me.”

     “Which were?”

     He let out a small chuckle, shaking his head slightly before picking up the red pen on his desk and going back to grading. “I didn’t say I’d repeat it.”

     “That bad?”

     “She’s a professor for Occult Studies. Let’s just say she has a colorful imagination.”

     “I can see that,” the teen chuckled, putting her writing into her bag.

     The man’s laughter ceased and a serious look appeared on his face. “I just want you to know that you shouldn’t do anything you aren’t one-hundred percent certain of,” he warned gesturing to her clothes. “If you feel the need to he isn’t worth it.”

     All she could do in response was give a nod. The bell rang and she bit her lip, looking around. “Thanks for the advice. I’ll see you later, Uncle D.”


She found herself being pulled to the back of the library toward the sports section by the ponytail. When her captor finally released her, Brenna was brought face to face with a furious Gwen. Her eyes widened for a brief second before she regained herself and put up her usual exterior. 

     “What do you want?” Brenna sighed, fixing her ponytail.

     “Stay away from my boyfriend,” Gwen growled.

     “What boyfriend?”


     “Wren broke up with you.” She shook her head. “I don’t have time for this.”

     “That’s what you think,” Gwen smiled, pushing Brenna back behind the shelves when she tried to push past her.

     “That’s what I know. You’re just embarrassing yourself. I’m not going to fight you.”

     “I’m embarrassed? Honey, I’m not the one getting on my knees for some guy I tutor. If you’re going to be a slut then you could at least have the decency to admit it.” The blonde removed her hand placing it on her hip. “You think I don’t know you’re screwing him? You were all over him this morning. You’re so much of a whore it’s pathetic.”

     “Pathetic," Brenna noted. "That was a big word for you, wasn’t it?”

     Gwen’s hand connected with Brenna’s cheek with a resounding smack. “What? You're not gonna hit me back?”

     “He chose me,” Brenna spat. “I don’t have shit to prove to you.”

     Going back to the table she sat at previously, she took her seat again. Went back to her essay. 

     “Let me ask you something,” Gwen sneered as she walked away. “He’s getting a better grade and sex out of the deal. What are you getting?”

     Brenna ignored her, trying to focus on her paper as unwanted thoughts flitted across her mind. 

     No way I’m letting the bitch see me cry.


The game ended with Wren’s final home run. Another victory for Bear Springs High.

     He was met with high fives and slaps on the back. He looked at the stands, hoping to see Brenna. He hadn’t seen her all day. A small part of him felt as if she was avoiding him. He could only hope she’d accepted his invitation to watch the game. 

Emilia Foxe

Edited: 29.07.2019

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