You Are My Everything

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part fifteen.

It's free period and I am sitting on the school's roof alone, swinging my legs freely as I let my eyes roamed free. I was surrounded by plants and flowers with the sun shining down at me with absolutely no mercy. Avan had left me a note under my desk with the words "Roof top, free period" scribbled messily across a piece of crumpled paper. So, here I am. 

He was late though, something I wasn't surprised about. But he wasn't the kind to be extremely late and maybe something caught up in class, I understand that and I can deal with that. The sound of foot steps reached my ears and I whipped my head around to finally see that it was Avan standing a few metres ahead.

A smile graced his lips the moment his eyes landed on mine as he gave me a dramatic wave which made me laugh. He plopped himself down beside me, his feet touching the ground unlike mine. "What's up?" I asked, jutting my chin at him, as my eyes watched him with curiosity. "Why the roof top?" 

"I wanted to talk to you at the roof top. It's nice up here." 

"Sure," was all I said for a while as we sat in silence with only the sound of birds chirping and leaves ruffling filling the air. 

"Have you thought about looking for a job?" He asked out of nowhere. 


"I know a place. We could work together maybe? And earn some cash, I guess it would be good for you."  

"Don't you already have a job?" I asked as I cocked an eyebrow at him. 

"Not anymore. They found out about the whipped cream we borrowed," he said as he made animated air quotes around the word borrowed.

"You were fired?" 

"Pretty much, yeah," he acknowledged with a casual shrug. "I was sick from looking at ice cream all day anyway." 

I let out a soft chuckle. "Sure Avan," I mocked, sarcasm dripping from my voice. "So, what's the gig?" 

"Waitressing. It's a restaurant downtown. The pay is pretty good, I heard." 

"Ooh you got my attention at the 'pay is good'," I admitted as I perked up, straightening my posture as soon as those words tumbled out of his mouth. He rolled his eyes playfully as he stifled a laugh. "Tell me more," I demanded and I leaned closer to him with my elbows propped onto my thighs as I rest my chin on my hands.

"Waitressing is tough you know?" 

"Are you looking down on me?" I asked, placing my hands on either side of my hips as I gave him a defiant stare. 

"Yes, I am literally looking down on you," he replied as a smirk morphed itself onto his lips, his eyes twinkling with playfulness. 

"I'm going to strangle you, Avan Lee," I threatened. 

"Can you even reach my neck?" 

I narrowed my eyes at him and gritted my teeth as he sat there with a triumph smirk plastered across his face. If looks could kill, he would be 6 feet under by now, begging for mercy. "That's it!" I exclaimed, jumping off the ledge as I stood on both of my feet. 

"Woah shit," I hear him cursed softly before he took off, running at lightning speed, effectively dodging every obstacle in his way. 

"Avan Lee!" I screamed as I ran after him, trailing behind by a few metres. "Stop right there!" 

"You wish!" He yelled back, turning around to stick his tongue out at me like the mature kid he was. 

It's just the two of us, two fools running around the school's rooftop because of a childish fight about our height. The sound of our foot steps echoed in my head. My heart was racing and I could barely catch my breath after a few rounds of circling the entire roof. I had my back bent over with my hands placed on my knees as I panted heavily, sweat dripping down my body. 

My eyes landed on his back view and I noticed that he was visibly slowing down. He finally spun around after a while, probably realising that I was no longer chasing after him.

He looked over at me with a raised eyebrow. "Aw..." He cooed, cocking his head to the side with a small smile on his face. "You tired already? Come on now, you can do better than this," he mocked and I only glared back at him. 

"You are so dead!" I yelled loudly as I ran forward. I was charging forward at him on full speed like a wild animal on the loose. I had a sinister grin etched on my face and to say he was taken aback was an understatement.

I watched as he stood rooted to the ground, his eyes growing bigger with each second passing as he didn't know how to react. 

Just as I was about less than a metre away from him, I felt myself tripped over the uneven ground and I cussed mentally in my head. A loud yelp escaped my lips as I fell forward, my arms swinging uncontrollably. 

I squeezed my eyes shut and I felt myself hit something hard. A pair of arms wrapped around my torso and my eyes fluttered open immediately. I looked up to see Avan looking down at me, emotions running wild in his dark brown eyes. 

We were closer than I have ever imagined, our faces only mere inches apart from one another. I gulped inaudibly and I could feel my heart continue to pound hard against my chest as if it was going to explode. I never missed how his gaze flickered down to my lips before his eyes reached mine again. 

I stared at him with wide eyes as he continued to hold me in his arms for what felt like an eternity. Before I know it, he was leaning in.


OMG cliff hanger? Idk is that counted? HAHA feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think is going to happen next! 😊 Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Hope you have a lovely day! 💕

Much love, 

Rachel xo





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