You Have Some of the Clues

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Light Blue Balloons

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A cool breeze of air wakes me up from my sleep. As I lift my head from the tree trunk and adjust to the sunlight I smile at the scenery, but it fades as I see a transparent light blue balloon tied to the branch I am sitting on. There’s a note inside it and a pin taped to the string. I slowly look around then untie the balloon to pop it and see what that note says. The pop from the balloon is piercing making me a little on edge, but I brush away the remaining balloon pieces to see the note.

You want answers right, Daisy? Well, I don’t think you are smart enough to find the right clues I left for you. Follow the next balloon hopefully it leads to your friend.

May death wash over you,


My heart sank as I read the note, Emily was going to die if I didn’t find those clues. I threw my trail backpack down before unraveling the rope I used to get up the tree and made my way to the ground. The last place I saw Emily was in, in this forest! I ran toward the last place I saw Emily and found another balloon with two notes in it. I popped it and read the notes fast.

You shouldn’t have come to this balloon first! I know you’re wondering how I knew that, but I told you that you wouldn’t be smart enough to find the right clues. Oh and watch your back!


I turned around taking these notes seriously and felt something propel me into a tree trunk. As my body and head made contact with the tree I felt my consciousness fade.


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Edited: 30.10.2019

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