You Have Some of the Clues

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Off Track

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My eyelids are heavy to open as tears sting to form. As I open my eyes to see the wood floor I realize I'm not in the forest anymore. My last thoughts start flowing in as I remember the impact and my head having a jolt of pain then blacking out. That pain starts coming back and a whimper escapes my mouth as I touch the spot that hit the tree. I feel blood but not a lot so I should be okay. Slowly I get to my feet and survey where I am, it looks like a cabin that's been recently used. The bedsheets are ruffled, food is on the desk next to the bed, and the door to the bathroom is slightly open. 

My trail backpack is still on me so I take it off to get a bandage for my head. Whoever the hell did this could still be here and working with DM or worse... it is DM. Taking the right precautions I disinfect and wrap my wound. Grabbing inside a secret pocket of my backpack for my knife I'm in luck, it's still there! Slowly I begin walking toward the front door but the bathroom door flies open.

A man about 6'5, with tan skin, and a built body walks out rubbing his face with a towel. I kick him into the bathroom closing the bathroom door before running out of the front door. My head and heart are pounding from this sudden command to run. After a few seconds of running my hardest, I hear footsteps behind me. My short legs were getting tired but I wasn't going to let that stop me, I keep up my pace and turn to the left sharply. 

He isn't anywhere near me so I jump onto a tree and use my knife to start climbing it. The closest branch to hold onto is a good 10 to 15 feet up so I hope he can't follow me. Barely making it up as he nears closer I continue to climb higher to get out of sight. He looks up the tree before grabbing out a cell phone. Whoever he spoke to didn't seem happy and didn't care about getting me back so I was safe....for now.


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Edited: 30.10.2019

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