You Have Some of the Clues

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One Point For Us

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"You won't last long without DM finding you, little betch!" He shouts to me with a thick Scottish accent before running back in the direction of the cabin. Exhaling a breath I didn't know I was holding those tears I held back earlier rush out uncontrollably. Why did DM have to come into my and Emily's life, why us? Gathering myself I look down to make sure he's gone. 

I carefully lower myself from the tree to head back to that cabin. My eye catches something in the distance soaring through the sky incredibly fast then explodes into bright blue, the flare gun I gave to Emily. I bolt the direction it was fired if Emily was the one that fired it I'll know once I get there. My legs ache for a longer break than I gave them but I need to get to where the flare gun was fired. 

Another shot is fired, I'm close enough to see someone shooting it into the air but that sure as hell isn't Emily. It's that bastard from the cabin with some woman. Slowing my pace to a tiptoe my heart pounds through my ears making it hard to hear. Inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. They start walking away toward the tourist parking where I could see someone in the back seat of the car. Gaining a little control over my racing heart to slow down I creep closer to follow them as close as I can.

She dropped her key chain but I don't think she noticed. The woman says something to the man and they leave toward the public restroom, this is my shot. I run to where she dropped her key chain and bingo it has car keys on it. Looking around to make sure no one is there I run to the car then unlock it making a silent chirp, thank god. Opening the door I get in quickly closing the door behind me and look in the back to see an unconscious Emily. 

Starting up the car I speed away toward the city, taking a glance in the rearview mirror I see the man get out of the restroom but I already turned before he could see the car. "Emily, wake up please. I got you, you're going to be alright, I got you."


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Edited: 30.10.2019

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