You Have Some of the Clues

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Bunker Down Under

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The road is quite empty and Emily has been sleeping off whatever they gave her. I can’t go back to the house or any family or friends. Dammit, we could go to the underground bunker at our apartment though. We have to go home to get some things anyway, how fast could they catch up to us?

I just pull up to the apartment when Emily starts moving around and getting up. She looks drowsy and confused, I haven’t had the chance to take a good look at her but she seems to be fine.

Just as she realizes where she is, her breath quickens and panic settles in.

“Emily! It’s me, I found you in the car near the forest trails. You’re safe.” I say soothingly.

Her breathing slowly calms as she runs her hands through her light brown hair. Climbing to the front passenger seat she embraces me with a warm hug that lasts for a while. Neither of us wants to let go so we hold on tight for a few more seconds. Slowly we pull apart our faces inches away from each other. Emily looks into my eyes piercing me with those fiery hazel green eyes, but she pulls away as she always does leaving a slight ache in my chest.

Clearing her throat, she breaks the silence, “Um, what happened to you? Why are we at the apartment?”

“I’ll catch you up on the way down to the bunker.” Unbuckling my seat belt, we proceed to open the door. “I took us to the apartment because whoever those people were don’t know about the bunker or where it is. That’s our best shot at getting the upper hand to figure out what the hell is going.”

Emily nods biting her lips softly in deep thought. “I think I have the essential info in my bed mattress then we can go into the bunker.”

With a nod for acknowledgment, I unlock the apartment door. The space smells different like someone has been here or is already here. Putting my hand in front of Emily I shake my head to tell her something is not right. Looking through the open door I look at the bottom of the door to find an extremely thin tripwire, then up to see a tranquilizer gun ready to make a shot. With a silent nod, we proceed in cautiously. The apartment has been searched through because everything is just slightly out of place but enough to be missed if not careful.

Closing the door, we walk through the house collecting important items to put into the bunker. Gathering my journal, bunker suitcase with everything I need, and book collection I head to the bunker access spot in the study/library room. I go to the bay window seat to unlock the metal covering with a specialized key made of stained glass dipped in epoxy resin.

The metal covering is able to move now. “Emily! Hurry up I need to lock this quick! I set an automatic timer to close the covering in 60 seconds!”

“Okay! I’m coming!” With hurried footsteps she comes into the room, locks the door, puts the crammed bookshelf in front of the door, and rushes to the bay window slide. She throws her items down the slide then follows them. Looking at the room to make sure no one can get in for a while I jump down the slide closing the metal covering. The slide down to the bunker is a good 30 seconds down.

After reaching the bottom I land on the trampoline then lay there for a while thinking about what Emily and I are going to do. The bunker has 10 rooms outside of the 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with double toilets. I designed the floor plans 4 months ago, who would’ve known that this bunker could be used so soon.


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Galena Ice

Edited: 30.10.2019

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