А.В. Дудкин "Героический Рейс" [english Version]

А.В. Дудкин "Героический Рейс" [english Version]

Artyom Vladimirovich Dudkin @Heroic Flight /// Have a nice reading!


It began in the capital of Russia, in the majestic city of Moscow

Experienced pilot Vasily Semenov rested after the flight home. On the streets for the beginning of winter was already beginning to darken. Semenov read the newspaper and spent his quiet evening with his wife Elena and two children, son Sasha and daughter Natasha. They were 11 and they learned in 4th grade…

Chapter №1 " Working morning»

Morning came and already, Semenov began to have Breakfast at a table with the family. He didn't have much time before the flight.…

Soon, Vasily began to gather at the airport. With everyone saying good-bye Vasily came out of the stairwell and glances exchanged glances with Elena, call the Elevator…

Elevator arrived and Vasily went and went to down. Opening the door and going a little forward, Vasily "waved" in the window family and with a smile on his face opened the car door. He put the bag in the front seat and started the car, began to warm it up... But before leaving it was necessary to make sure that the documents and passport are in place, because without them Vasily can not get into the territory.

He decided to make a route on the device: from home to aerogare he was 60 km away But in the morning the GPS was offered several route options in the capital airport "Domodedovo", which was not too far from home Basil.

But of course, Basil is not the first time to go to the airport and the approximate travel time and the situation on the roads, he realizes. All this is due to his experience as a pilot in the airline and his frequent working flights to different countries and cities of the world.

Basil looked at the proposals of the Navigator and went on my standard route. Basil pressed on the brake and put the transmission to "D". Even Vasily bought the car taking into account the work and taking into account that in the car all his family was located. Surprisingly, he also provided for an automatic transmission in the car, because after hard work Vasily did not want to get behind the wheel and change gears, and "suffer" with the clutch…

It took a little time and to the airport "Domodedovo" was already half the way…

Chapter №2 " at the airport..."

Has passed not so a lot of time, as Basil rode up to the official Parking lot. Basil took and leaned against a Parking pass and drove to his place. Having stopped and having muffled the engine, Vasily began to check things and to think that it is necessary for it to take and that isn't present. And taking all his things, Vasily hastily got out of his car and closing it on the keychain, quietly headed to the entrance to the "Domodedovo Airport".

He found the door of the premises he made the pass and passing through the familiar corridors, Basil greeted the staff and their work colleagues. Could not Vasily and go to the medical center to monitor the state of health and mental state…

It took a little time and Vasily already knew about the time of departure, flight number and Parking space of the aircraft. Vasily announced that he came to the exit in 15 minutes and there he will wait for the transfer to the plane. Indeed, Vasily came to the exit, where he went down the stairs in a special transport, which was already sitting his co-pilot Sergey Lyashin, his old friend and an experienced co-pilot to get to the Parking lot. Less than 7 minutes as the driver brought them to the plane. Vasily and Sergey thanked the driver Nikolay and began to rise on a ladder in the plane. They heard the creaking of the brakes and turned around and saw another car with the flight attendants of the ship. Smiling and saying Hello, they opened the plane together and went inside…

Chapter No. 3 "the Preparation of the aircraft, a further rise»

Taking turns going into the cabin, Vasily and Sergey began to distribute their belongings. They put their bags down and took their places. Usually there is a third pilot, as a spare, but this option works only if you fly long distances, but today's flight to Kaliningrad was small, so additional assistance to the pilots and was not required.

Vasily turned on the lights and Parking lights, began to check the aircraft systems necessary for safe flight. Sergei, in turn, also began to check the system of the aircraft and report to Vasily ... Together making sure that the aircraft system is normal, Vasily reported on the readiness of the vessel to the dispatcher. The fact that the aircraft system is normal is quite obvious, because the aircraft was purchased by the airline recently, 2 years ago and for the aircraft is not the term. The pilots were 100 percent confident in the plane they had already flown more than once.

The dispatcher reacted immediately positively and reported on the status: passengers were registered and checked in, boarding will begin in 15 minutes. As a result, the dispatcher allowed the pilots to move to the landing gate number 21. Before takeoff we had 45 minutes and the pilots listened to the controller and according to his instructions went to the exit…

Flight attendants opened the entrance to the plane. In the distance they saw two buses filled with people. The first people began to get off the bus and climb the ladder to the plane ... flight Attendant Michael began to politely greet the passengers of the flight: "Moscow Domodedovo-Kaliningrad Khrabrovo»:

— "Hello! Welcome, may I have your boarding pass?

— "Of course!"the passenger replied.

- "Thank you, your seats 2A, 2B, 2C. Enjoy your flight!»

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