The past is present

Miss you

I don't even know there is a worse feeling in this world than longing. And in this great group of longings, isn't the longing for the most difficult and sad childhood memories? We miss our childhood every time because we are all happy there. My teacher used to say that childhood is alive as long as grandparents live. With them, our childhood memories live forever. I realized the meaning of these words after Grandpa's death. And today my heart just cries out for longing. "I miss you grandpa!". 

​​​ I remember very little from my childhood. I have always been amazed at how my older sister remembers even the most notable events step by step. I always envy and envy people who have a brilliant memory. I often try to restore images from my past and more often my grandfather's face. I still remember all of his features by heart, but I can't remember his tips that were so dear to me back then.I remember how Grandpa used to rock me with his legs rocking me. No one will understand and feel the joy a child feels from simple play. I can say that I had a happy childhood. Games, joy, freedom. My parents have never restricted me, but they have taught me to distinguish good from bad, wet from dry.


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