Books in the genre of Epic fantasy


The 4 Sigils - Book One: Winter's Malice

Kirisame Reflet

Four sigils, encompassing the Four Fiends born from the malice of a warlock. Nine decades has passed since the war against the Four Fiends, and the realm of Almina knew peace since then. It was wintertime in the realm, and the small, humble village of Melunia are preparing for a feast every Jan... more info

Text includes: dragon, adventure, winter

In progress: 17 Dec 46 pages
269 4 3

Overall Rating: 7

Current rating:
#1 at Fantasy
#1 at Action fantasy
#1 at Epic fantasy


Dark Descendants Book 1: City of Domes


'Dark Descendants: City of Domes' is a low Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Epic book that tells about the adventures of Solem Zekiah Du'Tritz who was born inside the City of Domes along with his partner Alexiese Morgann Ce'Vieze. Their adventure starts after 5 years of being together in the Eagle Legion, the group o... more info

Text includes: fantasy, apocalypse, guardians

In progress: 15 Dec 107 pages
724 11 13

Overall Rating: 6

Current rating:
#2 at Science fiction
#1 at Post-apocalyptic
#2 at Fantasy
#2 at Epic fantasy


Volleyball and Death Games


A frustrated volleyball champion who lost his streak as he turned college makes a deal to a being from another world to transport him back in time during his days of greatness. Beyond his knowledge, he was stuck in between the multiverse to turn volleyball into a bloody mess of a death battle.... more info

Text includes: multiverse, fights, greek mythology

In progress: 15 Dec 27 pages
245 3 2

Overall Rating: 1

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#18 at Fantasy
#3 at Epic fantasy
#29 at Young adult
#1 at Sports


Martyrs: Legends of the Great Savanna

J. Lincoln

Welcome to the Great Savanna! Uncover hidden adventures within expansive grasslands, protect the unique race know as Martyrs, and discover the Legends of the Great Savanna! After being approached by the military with a contract he couldn't refuse, JAMES winds up uploaded into a virtual reality... more info

Text includes: town building, moba, custom game system

In progress: 13 Dec 44 pages
508 4 4

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#13 at Science fiction
#4 at LitRPG
#21 at Fantasy
#4 at Epic fantasy

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