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Dead Poet's Secrets


Every poet has secrets. And I was about to tell you mine.... more info

Text includes: poetry, prose, poems

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There Is War In Nigeria

Poetry & Fictional African Story

There Is War In Nigeria by Joshua Eze My Boy, We must fight and Win We must let Lady Nigeria know My Religion should not define Where I live, settle and do business... more info

Text includes: nationalism, war, ethnicity

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The Previous Life of a Poet

Captain Folktastic

Sometimes these story's are difficult to write. Memories seem to fade a bit, they change over time and from person to person like a game of telephone. You remember that from when you were a child? You pass a sentence along from one person to the other and see how close it is to the original when it ... more info

Text includes: growing up, new york city, poetry

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Love Voids


Let's not call them mistakes Let's call them tattoos painted and crafted on them most tender flesh on ♡ That may though we may hurt there will be a reason for the pain and when it's all over We will have a decorated ♡ and a reason to SMILE ... more info

Text includes: love, short stories, pyscho

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