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Lord of the Strings

Earl Grey

The story tells the life of a frustrated artist and musician, Vivien Del’a More. She’s a twenty-three year old woman who enters the world of technology, but her heart seeks the core of arts and music. It was her dream to study a formal education about films, script writing, theater and composing... more info

Text includes: first love, music, friendship

In progress: 16 Dec 61 pages
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Overall Rating: 11

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#10 at Young adult
#1 at School


I Can't Let You Go

Sandra Antwi

Page is a brilliant classic African girl. She lost her parents to a fatal accident at a tender age. Due to that she stayed with her Aunty almost all her life. she had a scholarship to the college due to her intelligence but life became unbearable as she met her lecturer who made her life miserable ... more info

Text includes: obsession, love, fiction

In progress: 16 Dec 7 pages
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Overall Rating: 2

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#21 at Romance
#5 at Romantic suspense
#15 at Young adult
#2 at School



Irilla Lalicro

Midnight already but here I am still sitting on one of the chairs inside of a '24hours open' convenience store. The cashier behind the counter kept on looking at me while sipping his coffee and I thought maybe he's wondering 'the heck she's doing here at this time of night, doesn't she have plan ... more info

Text includes: paths. choices. problems. comp

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#60 at Young adult
#5 at School
#28 at New Adult & College

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