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Towers of Heaven


One day, seven towers appear on Earth. Each one stands hundreds of stories tall, and are indestructible to all attacks. At the base of each tower is a door, welcoming in all who dare open it. All sorts of magical monsters can be found inside the towers. Even magic and superhuman strength can be a... more info

Text includes: action, litrpg, gamelite

In progress: 15 Dec 92 pages
1780 27 11

Overall Rating: 17

Current rating:
#8 at Science fiction
#2 at LitRPG
#7 at Fantasy
#1 at Urban fantasy


The Secret of your Magic


Viola makes a living in a way that is seen by many as deplorable. Her job is to discover and sell the tricks and illusions most guarded by magicians. But her life changes when she is sent to a small island to investigate the world's greatest magician by many in the business, the enigmatic Krane... more info

Text includes: mystery, romance, magicians

In progress: 28 Nov 2 pages
183 21 3

Overall Rating: 11

Current rating:
#9 at Fantasy
#3 at Romantic fantasy
#2 at Urban fantasy


You Need Me, Too

N. Watkins

None... more info

Text includes: betrayal, suspense, abduction

Full text 7 pages
368 9 2

Overall Rating: 2

Current rating:
#4 at Short stories
#14 at Fantasy
#3 at Urban fantasy


Travel with the red haired witch


Travel with the red haired witch or with Baba Yaga. It was an explosion on a ship, result of which a special agent accidentally enters to the fairy-tale world and tries to return to his real world. The illustration is made by Ланей Нест ... more info

Text includes: witch, tale world

In progress: 18 Dec 11 pages
36 2 0

Overall Rating: 1

Current rating:
#6 at Short stories
#26 at Fantasy
#4 at Urban fantasy

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