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I am a sophomore with many events happening in my life, I will try my best to update frequently but please do not be shy to remind me through the comments on my stories. Thank you for reading my stories!♍︎ **REMINDER** Check my posts to see any important information



Mark Bearers

Galena Ice

Layla D'Moralie (De-mora-lie) and her friends are assigned their Final trip to the Forbidden Land Forest. After their Final test ceremony they will never be seen as citizens of the Forbidden Land, they'll be Mark Bearers for the rest of their lives and beyond. The trip is extremely dangerous, no one... more info

Story about: fiction, love triangle, youngadult

Complete 13 pages
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Rating: 1

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You Have Some of the Clues

Galena Ice

(Cursing warning: Nothing too bad but it's there!) I will try my best to update whenever I can. Daisy Vulrow recently started looking into a missing persons case about her best friend, Emily Larnette. It's been two weeks since her disappearance and Daisy knows more about why Emily is missing tha... more info

Story about: action and adventure, lesbian romance and mystery, young adult

Ongoing: 30 Oct 10 pages
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Galena Ice

(I will do my best to update as much as possible) Aluri Monette is 18, just finished High School and College wanting to enjoy life to the fullest this Summer before continuing her education but…that’s not going to happen. Aluri goes on a trip to Las Vegas without any parent or friends hoping ... more info

Story about: romance and mature content

Ongoing: 31 Oct 13 pages
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Rating: 12

#35 in Romance
#16 in Billionaires


Soul of O.N.E

Galena Ice

Would you be hella pissed if your family saved you by putting an old soul into you? That's the dilemma Onikella (On-e-kella) is facing. She never expected to get struck by lightning while jumping off a cliff. The longer the soul is with her the more it merges with her. She starts experiencing memori... more info

Story about: young adult, young adult romance, mystery and fantasy

Ongoing: 07 Nov 7 pages
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