The past is present


I remember one funny moment back in the days when my whole family was healthy. I was very different from other children and my sisters both in appearance and in character. Outwardly I was always resembled a russian by nationality. Golden hair, white face, small and delicate nose. We have such a joke when neighboring women say that a child is adopted if they are not like their parents. And I really believed in that nonsense. Now you will laugh at me, but wait, I have done even more nonsense after discovering this "hidden truth".

 I was probably 8-9 years old at the time. And to this day I wonder how that little girl could have had such thoughts. I was looking for documents to prove that I had been adopted. And I really found it. How funny it all seems now. Under the lock of the wooden door to the garden, some paper was used to convey height. Oh yes, I used to think I had found those papers, now I will take them out and put my evidence in front of my parents and demand an answer. It so funny.

 Of course, I was not able to extract that evidence. Years passed, and those stupid thoughts became a reason to laugh at the memory of the past. And precious childhood goes by so fast and unnoticed.

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