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Candy Lips

Alexandra Marie

For Lexi Thompson, University was a fresh start, a way out. Lexi was used to being pushed around and tossed aside, that is until she wakes up the morning after a party next to a beautiful stranger who can't get enough of her. That stranger being Chase. Chase Alexander. Golden boy. Rides ... more info

Text includes: love, romance, teen fiction

Full text 154 pages
6899 122 7

Overall Rating: 51

Current rating:
#1 at Romance
#1 at Young adult
#1 at New Adult & College


Everything I don't Want in a Guy

Andrea Bonnell

Emilie has a list, a list with all the things that she doesn’t want in a guy, so in her senior year she is decided to find the perfect guy for her, but all her plans seems to be spoiled when a specific person finds her list, a person who has all the non-wished qualities that are written on it. Ol... more info

Text includes: romance, teen fiction, love

In progress: 09 Dec 21 pages
5089 153 2

Overall Rating: 41

Current rating:
#2 at Young adult
#2 at Romance


Unintentionally Yours


Kara Kismet Montes didn't want to go back to the Philippines. She wanted to explore the world and write the stories of people she randomly met. She wanted to taste and experience best things the world can offer. She wanted to be free and not to be glued in the business world where her dad resides. ... more info

Text includes: love, ceo, agent

In progress: 09 Dec 30 pages
4230 163 27

Overall Rating: 44

Current rating:
#3 at Young adult
#3 at Romance


All of me


You never know what you have until you lose it... more info

Text includes: all of me

In progress: 03 Dec 3 pages
391 55 24

Overall Rating: 18

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#1 at Fantasy
#1 at Romantic fantasy
#1 at Fanfiction
#1 at Movies Fanfiction


Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed . She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline herself is a secr... more info

Text includes: romance, badboy, fiction

In progress: 08 Dec 74 pages
4255 77 8

Overall Rating: 10

Current rating:
#4 at Romance
#1 at Romantic suspense
#4 at Young adult


Tinwytti: Our Story


Everyone has a place where they grew up with their childhood friends, right? No. At least, I don't. For the last 7 years, all I did was pack my things, move to another house, enroll to a new school, have friends and promise to contact them if my family move yet again, and pack again every sing... more info

Text includes: romance, secret, new girl

In progress: 10 Dec 19 pages
119 10 11

Overall Rating: 6

Current rating:
#1 at Mystery
#1 at Romantic mystery
#5 at Young adult
#2 at New Adult & College


Towers of Heaven


One day, seven towers appear on Earth. Each one stands hundreds of stories tall, and are indestructible to all attacks. At the base of each tower is a door, welcoming in all who dare open it. All sorts of magical monsters can be found inside the towers. Even magic and superhuman strength can be a... more info

Text includes: action, litrpg, gamelite

In progress: 07 Dec 76 pages
1187 25 10

Overall Rating: 17

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#1 at Science fiction
#1 at LitRPG
#2 at Fantasy
#1 at Urban fantasy



Jessica Wright

Aria is a professional mermaid at an aquarium in a small town by the sea. She wears a fake tail and performs for visitors. All her life, she has been in love with the mythical creatures, but her whole world is turned upside down when they turn out to be more than myths and she gets caught in the mid... more info

Text includes: romance, mermaids, prejudice

Full text 227 pages
594 15 7

Overall Rating: 11

Current rating:
#6 at Young adult
#3 at Fantasy
#2 at Romantic fantasy


All the World's a Stage

Jessica Wright

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..." In a small town high school where the theater kids are divided into two groups due to conflicting views about "Romeo and Juliet", a girl from one group begins a secret romance with a boy from the other group. Meanwhile, Puck... more info

Text includes: comedy, romance, shakespeare

Full text 148 pages
954 11 7

Overall Rating: 9

Current rating:
#7 at Young adult
#5 at Romance


The other side


you will never understand till it happens to you ... more info

Text includes: sad love , pain , hope

In progress: 04 Dec 6 pages
151 35 3

Overall Rating: 8

Current rating:
#6 at Romance
#1 at Inspiration romance
#4 at Fantasy
#3 at Romantic fantasy


Dark Blood

Phantasmagoric Xythe

Addie, an innocent high schooler was living her normal life with her known mother's care before she found out that she was an immortal whom have lost her memories and was taken back into the league of the Dark Bloods; a demi immortal beings who expands their lives through eating souls. With her bein... more info

Text includes: ghoul, immortal, reapers

In progress: 07 Dec 13 pages
247 10 5

Overall Rating: 5

Current rating:
#7 at Romance
#2 at Romantic suspense
#5 at Fantasy
#1 at Dark fantasy


Dark Descendants: City of Domes


'Dark Descendants: City of Domes' is a General Fiction/Sci-Fi/Epic book that tells about the adventures of Solem Zekiah Du'Tritz who was born inside the City of Domes along with his partner Alexiese Morgann Ce'Vieze. Their adventure starts after 5 years of being together in the Eagle Legion, the gro... more info

Text includes: celestial, apocalypse, fantasy

In progress: 09 Dec 94 pages
320 6 5

Overall Rating: 4

Current rating:
#2 at Science fiction
#1 at Post-apocalyptic
#7 at Fantasy
#1 at Epic fantasy


Way of the Wolf


THE WINNER OF THE WATTYWOLVES 50K AND UNDER WARRIOR CHALLENGE, FIRST IN BOTH READERS AND JUDGES CHOICE! (The Wulvers: Book One) Cathwulf is the daughter of Alpha pair Everett and Kerra. With her mother expecting another child, a son who will become heir to the pack, she has her heart set on ... more info

Text includes: werewolf, romance, war

In progress: 10 Dec 81 pages
233 6 4

Overall Rating: 4

Current rating:
#6 at Fantasy
#4 at Romantic fantasy
#1 at Others


The Lies (the first Jupiter's Halo novel)

Andrew Bradbury

A standard distress signal means a standard rescue mission. But when the truth is so deeply hidden, can anything really be that simple?  For Aitkin Cassini the future is bleak. In the hands of unknown torturers, it's looking like it might be short too. For Itona Lanad and the marines of First... more info

Text includes: space marines, colonization, futuristic

Full text 315 pages
6852 23 12

Overall Rating: 12

Current rating:
#3 at Science fiction
#1 at Thrillers & Suspense
#1 at Suspense


Lord of the Strings

Earl Grey

The story tells the life of a frustrated artist and musician, Vivien Del’a More. She’s a twenty-three year old woman who enters the world of technology, but her heart seeks the core of arts and music. It was her dream to study a formal education about films, script writing, theater and composing... more info

Text includes: first love, music, friendship

In progress: 10 Dec 56 pages
921 21 3

Overall Rating: 9

Current rating:
#8 at Young adult
#1 at School


Irresistibly Lost

Victoria Pinder

Aaden Bentley needs to marry to secure an inheritance he never really wanted. Billions wait for him if only he fulfills the will of his parents. Family honor once ruined his life when he skipped out on his own wedding to the only woman he ever loved. But his parents were right. If he married her, he... more info

Text includes: second chance, lost love

Full text 26 pages
438 22 3

Overall Rating: 5

Current rating:
#8 at Romance
#1 at Contemporary Romance
#1 at Billionaires


The school of hunters


In the post-apocalyptic kingdom secluded from the rest of the world, there's a young boy who finds himself in existential crisis as reality starts to distort from his mind.... more info

Text includes: horror, wild, blood

In progress: 10 Dec 38 pages
163 4 4

Overall Rating: 4

Current rating:
#9 at Young adult
#1 at Dystopia
#2 at Mystery


A College Love Story

K.C. Waghela

Introduction. Not every love story, has a happy ending. Not everyone gets the love, they'd tried acquiring. Some love stories fail, But live for eternity. Some bonds are frail, And are broken abruptly. Love comes with happiness, and sorrows indeed. Getting love back, isn't always guara... more info

Text includes: college, romance, young adult

In progress: 04 Dec 3 pages
441 15 1

Overall Rating: 2

Current rating:
#10 at Young adult
#3 at New Adult & College


The Secret of your Magic


Viola makes a living in a way that is seen by many as deplorable. Her job is to discover and sell the tricks and illusions most guarded by magicians. But her life changes when she is sent to a small island to investigate the world's greatest magician by many in the business, the enigmatic Krane... more info

Text includes: mystery, romance, magicians

In progress: 28 Nov 2 pages
166 16 3

Overall Rating: 11

Current rating:
#8 at Fantasy
#5 at Romantic fantasy
#2 at Urban fantasy


Kamali's Assistant

Jessica Wright

If you're looking for a fun adventure where the good guys live happily ever after and the villains get what they deserve...go watch a Disney movie. This isn't that kind of story. This is my life and it sucks. If you want to read about a guy from a small town who can see ghosts and winds up letting... more info

Text includes: ghosts, comedy, romance

Full text 191 pages
730 21 7

Overall Rating: 7

Current rating:
#11 at Young adult
#3 at Mystery
#1 at Supernaturals

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