A Horse-Worthy Name ("Лошадиная фамилия по-английски)


Though Timothy had already finished all his work in the stables, he kept hanging around and looking for something else to do. Anything at all. He really didn’t want to leave - the smell of horses and the hay had completely intoxicated him.

He was certainly taken with this farm. Even its main house, so big and cumbersome, seemed quite comfortable to him now.

You would really like it here, JK. Just look at all these amazing horses. These people don’t even realize what unbelievable horses they have here.

Forcing himself, Timothy picked up the bucket and slowly headed for the door. The thoughtful gaze of the horses followed him along.

A taxi pulled up to the front porch. A girl jumped out and let out a happy shriek.

“Grandma!!! Here I am!!!”

Another granddaughter. Timothy smiled. Exactly how many do the owners have? Looks like this one is another troublemaker’ rather than ‘girl’, huh, JK?

“My little Princess! You’re here,” Grandma exclaimed as she squeezed her treasure in the tightest of hugs.

“Grandma! Stop it! I’m not little anymore!”

“Oh no, you’re not! You’re all grown up! So tall!”

Wow, JK, nobody talks in this house, they all yell, that’s for sure.

“Tim!” called Grandma.

He turned abruptly and stared at her questioningly.

“You’re Tim, right? Tim Miller?”

He nodded.

“Very well, then,” Grandma seemed glad that her memory hadn’t failed her. “I couldn’t find Sean. Would you mind taking the luggage into the house?”

Timothy put the bucket down.

“Well, Grandma, is anyone else here yet?!” exclaimed the ‘troublemaker’ Princess, although as soon as she saw Timothy, she stumbled over her words, stopping and turning beet red.

“Almost everyone is here. Melissa, Melinda, Melanie and all three of the boys. Emily and Eric are over at the McGregors’. They’re expecting your friend Vince any day now. As soon as he heard you were coming, he changed all his plans and decided to come here instead.”

“Grandma!” hissed the poor embarrassed Princess and, trying her best to avoid looking at Timothy, rushed into the house. She tripped over the bucket on her way. The bucket rolled loudly across the yard.

 Timothy finished bringing the last of the things in.

“He’s our new employee.”

“Why, Grandma?! Isn’t Sean enough? I’m here to help out too.”

“Well, Sean’s getting old and can’t carry the same load on his shoulders. Besides, he’s absolutely delighted with this Tim!”


“Where should I put this?” Timothy asked.

“You can leave it right here. Come on, I’ll introduce you. This is my granddaughter Sylvia.”

Timothy greeted her with a nod and went to search the yard for the bucket.

“Great guy, just a little on the quiet side. The horses adore him.”


“What an idiot I am! What’s he going to think now! An idiot and a klutz! Why do we need him here anyway? Nobody ever asked my opinion,” thought Sylvia and felt so embarrassed. “He definitely noticed my awkwardness. He probably imagined all sorts of things. And I didn’t even get a good look at him. Why, why am I always so easily thrown off! He’s just a guy! Why can’t I be more like Melissa! All calm, smiling and dignified!”

Sylvia didn’t stay upset for very long. Her Grandfather was already rushing in to greet her. He was limping and carrying a cane. His eyes were shining with joy. He hugged her tight with one arm. She pressed her face into the stubble on his face.

“Sylvia! You’re finally here. You need to stop getting so tall; you’ll be taller than all your dates soon!”

Sylvia never got upset over Grandpa’s teasing.

Did you see her, JK? A real baby horse. Gets tangled up in her own two feet. She is a troublemakerfor sure.

At first, everything was exactly as it seemed. In the very early hours a loud “Good Morning!” woke the entire house. Sylvia greeted everyone, but not Timothy. He heard her loud foot stomping, her stumbling into every wall and her loud indignations over every bump.

“The clumsy Princess is up.” Sean smiled gently.

Next, she went to fly kites in the company of the other ‘troublemakers’ - the three younger grandsons - who were finally staying out of trouble if only for the time being.

I wonder if she brought those kites with her or had them stashed away here ahead of time, JK.

The ‘troublemakers’’ pranks got even trickier now that they had a worthy leader. Still, the others in the house could breathe a sigh of relief, especially Grandma. At least, now the boys had someone to look after them.



Melissa, the oldest and the prettiest of the granddaughters, decided to throw a party. Guests, music, lots of noise. Timothy preferred to hang out quietly at the stables, where he always seemed to find something to do. Suddenly all of the girls, including Sylvia, burst in.

“Quiet!” laughed Melissa. “Saddle up and take off! Next time, they’ll pay more attention to us! They call themselves gentlemen...”

All the girls burst into laughter.

“Who let you take the horses out at night?” Timothy asked stepping out of the dark.

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