Re-volution LitNet returns to the tradition of reading novels in installments like it once used to be in magazines and newspapers, but without the limitations of print.

Available online/offline, on computers and mobile devices

hundreds of books can be published at the same time

no relevant piracy problems for partly published books

you You sell e-books before Amazon does and you connect with every reader several times as they keep reading through newly published installments.

First serial rightsLitNet brings to the e-book market the first serial rights model free from the limitations of print

Step 115 weeks before the book's official release,

the writer starts to publish the first installments for free

Step 210 weeks before the release,

the writer starts to sell access to the next installments and announces that the installments' publication will be completed 3 weeks after the release of the full version.

Step 3Date of release

Many fans will not wait until the end of the installment publishing and will buy the full version as soon as it's released.

Step 43 weeks after the book's official release,

the writer publishes the last installment and stops selling access to the installments; now the full version will be available only to those who have paid for it earlier

Find new bestsellersEasy tools for creating literary contests as a main opportunity for publishers

In July 2015, was launched on the Russian market.The results of the first year:

  • 13 literary contests were run by literary agents

  • more than 1500 participant books

  • signed contracts with 38 new authors

  • 35 books by those authors were published by the top Russian publishing houses in 2015-2016
    (+17 books which were sold and are now awaiting release)

  • 4 new book series have been launched by publishers as a result of these literary contests.

Increase revenues Lit-Era doesn’t substitute traditional e-book stores, we just bring additional options to the game

Prior to the release date

  • Analyze pre-release sales which indicate the real level of the reader’s interest in the upcoming title

  • Earn money from the e-book market without risks of piracy

  • Build a fan base before the release

On the release date

  • Boost launch sales of the full version by an already built up fan base